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Jimmy's Archives


Jimmy's Archives

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NEW! - January 25th, 2015
(58 min)

Jimmy Doane, Counselor Curtis, and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy’s new upcoming short videos on YouTube, Lefty Greek's won their election, Obama's continuing debacle as to how bad he screws up the economy - especially the middle and lower classes, How Obama's "free" college education is going to (not) work, NAVY's new Rail Gun, Iran, What has happened for the good of the American citizens since the first Iraq war, Does your voting actually matter?, Jimmy's Hillary Clinton being president prediction, Obama is from Kenya - not Kansas - and he jokes about it, Steven Crowder's Jesus vs Muhammad Quran challenge skit, Awesome suicide bomber video Faux Pas - (I (EE) checked Snopes after the show - not on there) so possibly real, Our hero Quran-burning Terry Jones now owns a gourmet french-fry restaurant, The Hebdo free speech issue in France, CC's take on the Quran from what he's read so far - Women have it bad basically, Jimmy questions why anyone would want a virgin (0:46), When was the Bible and Quran written, Why does Islam hate the Jews?


Also, before you buy another handgun, listen to this first. - Courtesy of Fran and FUDC Podcast.

September 29th, 2013
(55 min)

Jimmy Doane, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy’s “food” in the hospital, Global warming or Climate change – you take your pic, Obamacare bill and the possible government shutdown, Republicans' are missing the bet here on government shut down, Financial taper video – Must see, Syria is done?, Iran is getting the atomic bomb, The US government’s foreign policies keeps escalating the danger to travel as an American, Counselor Curtis’s book review of Mark Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments”, O.J. got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Marijuana attorney Rob Corry got arrested for smoking pot in public.

September 22nd, 2013
(56 min)

Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik with guest caller Jimmy Doane discussed: Jimmy calls in from Tampa General Hospital less than 48 hours after his surgery, Who’s going to run for president in 2016? Florida foreclosure law and advice go to, Recent shootings and gun arguments, Eminent domain foreclosures and maintaining your home for an appraisal, Jimmy on Hillary running in 2016, the Republican-Independent problematic split and upcoming bipartisan Kabuki dance, Gainesville Florida wants to make sure there is someone from every possible skin-tone color in a position in every city department.

September 15th, 2013
(56 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discussed: Love bugs have returned to Florida, Gainesville bicycle lanes end to nowhere, Colorado recall elections update concerning gun bans as well as their recent deluge of rainfall, Bullet shell casings are now considered a gun by definition in Washington D.C. – Florida’s even stricter and you won’t believe it, Putin and Syria update, Illegal dinner clubs in NYC, Explanation of what happened to Pastor Terry Jones when he was arrested for hauling 2,998 Korans soaked in kerosene ready to burn, Carrying a cross in North Carolina turns out to be illegal on two counts, Jimmy’s take on the minimum wage increase, Caller Aaron asks is the American Dream still alive? Finally, why no hurricanes this year with all the “climate change” going on?

September 8th, 2013
(56 min)

Jimmy, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: TSA’s new $85 Pre Check system, Syria, Video of Vietnam John Kerry vs. Syria John Kerry "Criminal Hypocrisy" – Hilarious! Kim Jung Un is a real dictator, Man ordered to carry humiliating sign after threatening to kill cops, Local Gainesville live theater “The Hippodrome” wants money from the city, Colorado recall elections and gun bill, Corporations vs. Non-Profit enterprises, - Lite Notes - Jimmy found out he can have two chickens on his home property!, Two kittens shut down New York subway for two hours, Concave building in London focus’s sun’s rays onto parking lot frying cars.

September 1st, 2013

Jimmy, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: The city of Gainesville and the county of Alachua ran out of money so the police department and county sheriffs conducted outrageous sting operations for jaywalking, Debt ceiling frozen just shy of $17 Trillion, Minimum wage strike, Edward Snowden leaked the CIA’s Black Budget, Secret spying geese, The fiscal debt and the “Rule of 72” explained, Our take on Syria, Why WW1 was started, Unknown bad things that could go wrong if the U.S. takes action in Syria?

August 25th, 2013

Jimmy, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Christmas is already here for some retailers, Shall we nuke Syria? Is there really a voter suppression crisis? Why airlines can’t solely higher sexy stewardesses, Stop and Frisk law explained, Escalation of Civil Forfeitures – Scary video here, TSA expanding searches, Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations diminishing? Bradley “Chelsey” Manning wants to become a girl, NSA admits to widespread spying here and abroad, Gainesville’s new group the “Duck Ponders” – in semi-affluent area of town is upset because the city wants to put a parole office nearby, Gainesville’s homeless solution celebrates 10 years of…Expansion? - Lite Notes – Canadian dentist wants to clone John Lennon, Sugar free Gummy Bears are a gas, Mars One Foundation taking applications for a one way trip to Mars – Make sure you check out the applicants videos!

August 18th, 2013

Jimmy, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy’s new Twitter account @Jimmydoane, City commissioner Susan Bottcher gets insulted by the mayor and wastes the entire seven plus hour meeting,  Transportation tax, Game day parking issues, Cairo madness, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is challenging the merger of American and US Airways, Skype Touch and fundawear video, Fundawear vibrating underwear , Walmart misses earnings by a penny causing fear in the economy, Bitcoin under scrutiny from New York State Department of Financial Services, Switzerland opens drive in 'sex boxes' to make prostitution safer, CIA finally acknowledges Area 51!

August 11th, 2013

Jimmy, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Our first show on 97.3 The Sky, Gainesville Florida’s genius city commissioners are thinking of narrowing uber-popular 8th ave, Gainesville public library issues, GRU biomass plant, Nathan Collier wants to buy five acres of swamp land here in Gainesville for one million dollars and people are outraged, Edward Snowden hero or traitor, Wal-Mart got extreme run-around by Gainesville city commissioners and review boards and now has an alien camel, Gainesville planning meetings schedule
– Lite Notes – Oprah tries to buy a $38,000 handbag in Switzerland and the clerk doesn’t know who she is, William Shatner getting uber-rich off of, Perseids meteor shower tonight!

July 9th, 2013

Jimmy, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Shout out to Nick in Alaska, Teen Justin Carter faces 8 years in prison for making sarcastic comment on Facebook, Bunny Team Six and how to make appropriate appropriations for your magic animals should there be trouble, Make sure you read “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat – Here’s the free audio version, George Zimmerman trial update and comments, Edward Snowden update, James Clapper, Why J. Edgar Hoover was in office so long, Quebec train wreck, Asiana Airlines disaster, Slate Podcasts, The Bridge on the River Kwai, A $15 per hour minimum wage?, Joseph Stiglitz, Bit Coin ATM’s, FED Update, Hot chick news commentators, What happened to Gold and Silver? - Lite Notes - Rare bird gets killed by wind turbine, Giant piece of Cuba broke off and is submerged with huge pyramids and sphinxes larger that found in Egypt, Please visit Engineer Erik’s Band’s Brittania FaceBook page and our Reverb Nation page, and tell your 80’s rocker friends. I know they’ll love this stuff. Trust me. Also Brittania is now available on iTunes!

June 15th, 2013

Jimmy, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Studio upgrades, Jack Rhodes is moving south, Hear Old Jimmy Shows on Hot Talk 1430, Syria OMG – WdeF?, Obama’s family $100 Million “vacation” to Africa (really a facade so he can get rid of his original birth certificate) Obama’s Birth Certificate forgery cover up in comparison to non-incompetence of professional mobsters, NSA phone records acquisition, Edward Snowden is, as of this broadcast, “snowed-in” apparently in Hong Kong, but has “Cojones Grandes” for spearheading a fight against the now seemingly insurmountable U.S. government protocol to repress and suppress our Founding Father’s true intent of freedom from government tyranny and speech when they created these United States. “No Foreign Entanglements” was a pillar of George Washington’s Farewell Speech. Have we slid like a hockey puck away from that in just 217 years? Comments? Government Internet “Sweep Search” to find “villains” – Including you even if you think you’re innocent of everything, Florida bank foreclosure scandal and bailout, Americans are “OK” with drone, Internet, and phone surveillance, New Futurama 2013 season starting Friday 6-21-2013, Sci-Fi series to watch, Dr. Who etc…,  DHS – No more buying of ammo?, Sell or buy gun ammo or ammunition, uniforms or anything cool on, New super-cool IRS agent stand-off weapons, Will ammo prices ever come down? Why is .22 ammo over $.10 / each?, Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) have ruled that genes are not patentable, SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage, Lindsay Vonn Olympic skier, Tiger Woods girlfriend gets “pee tested” for drugs at awards ceremony, Paul Krugman is the winner in the “economics debate” YGTBSM, Two parking spaces sell in Boston for $560,000, Bit Coin Baby – Lite Notes – Dog butt looks like Jesus, Engineer Erik’s band Brittania to record second album, Visit our Brittania FaceBook page and our Reverb Nation page. Keep a lookout for our Kickstarter fund raising project.

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