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The JDS Show is a Hilarious multi-host news show that focuses on local, state, national and world issues.
The Cast of this show is made up of Jimmy Doane, Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik, EJ, sometimes a Polterguest, and others we let into the studio.

The Characters of this show, regardless of what is actually said on the show, are entirely fictitious. They are created off the top of the performers' heads. Any character bearing any likeness to any real life person is entirely coincidental. For further assistance, please contact or if need be "detain" Jimmy Doane.


Jimmy Doane is a man of many hats. He grew up in DC, the great-grandson of a US Senator and Supreme Court member. A self proclaimed computer-geek, Mac user, ham radio enthusiast, private pilot, Ebay and Garage sale JUNKIE! He has a classical education buttressed by travel, and a PhD. level of economic knowledge. Topped off with a keen wit, Jimmy is a force to be reckoned with. He is unabashedly friendly and invites you to join him in an informative banter.

Jack Rhodes is a professional scuba diver, a drummer, a husband and father of 3. He has toured with the Grateful Dead, and traveled the world - and I do mean the world - studying anthropology.

Counselor Curtis is a defense attorney, and an actor. He claims specialties in Constitutional law, and is a student of History and Philosophy. He is currently a delegate for the National Libertarian Party.

Engineer Erik is a webmaster and sound engineer. Formerly a professional musician and hypnotist. Listen for embedded commands in our recordings!

EJ is a chef currently specializing in chocolatiering (see his website Krishon for the world's finest chocolate), and a former US soldier.


The Mission of this show is to inspire people to learn about their government and participate in their community in an informed way.

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