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The Jimmy Doane Show (JDS) offers three standard options for advertising.

1. Personal Endorsements

2. Audio Podcast and Radio Relay Spots

3. Website Banners


1. Personal Endorsement.

Endorsements offer the highest number of responses. Jimmy will endorse your product - if he likes it - on our Libertarian podcast according to the following rate schedule. Endorsements come in three categories.

Category 1 endorsements guarantee a standard product identification in a positive light. Cat 1 endorsements last between 5-10 seconds and are performed only once during each show. Cost............................$10.


Category 2 endorsements are more substantial and guarantee not only ID of the product but also some nexus to the product use, praise and suggestions to purchase the product. Cat 2 endorsements are repeated at least once, for a total of two performances per show. Cost..............................$20.


Category 3 endorsements are still more substantial consisting of not only identification and nexus to use, but also high praise, suggestions to buy the product including directions on how to buy the product, including phone numbers if applicable and store identification. Cat 3 endorsements will be repeated twice in each show for a total of 3 performances for each show. Cost...................................$50.

We will create the endorsement script unless you have one. If you have one, e-mail it to after logging your payment.


2. Audio Podcast and Radio Relay Spots.

Audio Spots are pre-recorded ads between 5 seconds and 1 minute which air on our Podcast and any Radio Relays we are played on. Ads must be well produced, and we reserve the right to refuse ads based on quality, content, or message.

To Place an Audio Podcast and Radio Relay Spot on our next show, Click the button at the end of this paragraph, and enter in the amount corresponding to the length of the spot. Then send an e-mail to and attach the audio spot. If you don't have an Audio Spot and you want the JDS cast or crew to create one for you send an e-mail to the same place asking for Audio Spot Creation Service.

3. Website Banners.

Website Banners can be displayed on our website, Banners should be of appropriate size and density. That is, 150x250 pixels, but we'll work with whatever size banner you wish. Colors and moving gifs are permitted. And, of course, if you have a website, your banner will link to it if you provide the URL.

Cost for website banners is determined by the internet standard rate of CPM (Cost Per Thousand) impressions. The current internet standard CPM is $2 US. That means that for every $2 you spend, you can expect 1000 views. You can fund your ad for whatever amount you like and the ad will remain posted until it has garnered the corresponding views. So, for example, if you buy an ad for the homepage now and fund it for $20, at our current hit rate, it will probably be there 10 months, because we currently get only about 1000 hits per month on our website (most of our listeners get access to the show through I-tunes and podcast relays and never visit the site). As we grow, we get more hits per time period, and the length of posting of your ad may be shorter, but you'll always get your CPM worth.

Banner positioning remains at our discretion, but naturally we will place your ad in the best available position, and we are open to offers.

To Place a Banner Ad on our website, Click the button at the end of this paragraph, then send your banner to If you don't have a banner and you want the JDS cast or crew to create one for you, send an e-mail to the same place asking for Banner Ad Creation Service.

The Jimmy Doane Show entertains flexibility in its approach to advertising. If you have a unique idea, please let us know. Send your inquiries and ideas to




Ad services

The Jimmy Doane Show will write and produce your ad too. The Jimmy Doane staff is highly skilled at writing, performing, and producing advertising both for the podcast and the website, and you will own it so you can use it on other sites and air spots as well.

Our cast is comprised of trained writers, graphics experts, actors, and hypnotists (no, really). We can sell your product.

Naturally this service is provided for extra compensation (except in the case of endorsements) and cost is evaluated on a case by case basis, but the rate will be considerably lower than an advertising agency, though with similar or better quality.

To Inquire about JDS Ad Services send an e-mail to



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