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More Classic Libertarian Podcasts From Jimmy Doane!

February 14th, 2015
(50 min)

Jimmy Doane, and Engineer Erik discuss: Shout out to Bernie from London and SimBob from the Blue Man Group in Boston - Happy Birthday Bobble!, Why aren't we auditing the FED?, All Central Banks added 472.2 metric tons of gold to their reserves, No gold in Fort Knox?, Russian separatists advancing in the Ukraine, Sweden joins the QE program, Labor price changes due to immigration, New presidential race stuff, Jeb Bush's $100,000 plate dinner in NYC, - Lite Notes - METI - Sending messages to Monster ET's, New real life Thelma and Louise re-enactment - 'cept they lived, Tripping dino's, Elephants and monkeys get drunk for fun regularly.

February 8th, 2015
(75 min)

Jimmy Doane, Counselor Curtis, and Engineer Erik discuss: Counselor Curtis's new mansion, Jimmy says listen to the Tom Woods Show, Our uber-pre-mature predictions about the economy and the inevitable inflation that haven't been realized..yet, The most rarest cars imaginable, Where's the new eco Bubble?, $775 for 36 condoms in Venezuela, Communist regimes make money for the elite few, Current Greece situation and possible consequences, Lyin' Brian, Internet regulation talks regarding Net Neutrality, Digital currency in Ecuador, Presidential predictions, ISIS and Jordan, Colorado border wars, Brazilian prison break by strippers, Bitcoin update, Ramifications of the Swiss un-pegging their Frank to the Euro, Current Greece situation, New ivory trade.

January 25th, 2015
(58 min)

Jimmy Doane, Counselor Curtis, and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy’s new upcoming short videos on YouTube, Lefty Greek's won their election, Obama's continuing debacle as to how bad he screws up the economy - especially the middle and lower classes, How Obama's "free" college education is going to (not) work, NAVY's new Rail Gun, Iran, What has happened for the good of the American citizens since the first Iraq war, Does your voting actually matter?, Jimmy's Hillary Clinton being president prediction, Obama is from Kenya - not Kansas - and he jokes about it, Steven Crowder's Jesus vs Muhammad Quran challenge skit, Awesome suicide bomber video Faux Pas - (I (EE) checked Snopes after the show - not on there) so possibly real, Our hero Quran-burning Terry Jones now owns a gourmet french-fry restaurant, The Hebdo free speech issue in France, CC's take on the Quran from what he's read so far - Women have it bad basically, Jimmy questions why anyone would want a virgin, When was the Bible and Quran written, Why does Islam hate the Jews?

September 29th, 2013
(55 min)

Jimmy Doane, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy’s “food” in the hospital, Global warming or Climate change – you take your pic, Obamacare bill and the possible government shutdown, Republicans' are missing the bet here on government shut down, Financial taper video – Must see, Syria is done?, Iran is getting the atomic bomb, The US government’s foreign policies keeps escalating the danger to travel as an American, Counselor Curtis’s book review of Mark Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments”, O.J. got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Marijuana attorney Rob Corry got arrested for smoking pot in public.

September 22nd, 2013
(56 min)

Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik with guest caller Jimmy Doane discussed: Jimmy calls in from Tampa General Hospital less than 48 hours after his surgery, Who’s going to run for president in 2016? Florida foreclosure law and advice go to, Recent shootings and gun arguments, Eminent domain foreclosures and maintaining your home for an appraisal, Jimmy on Hillary running in 2016, the Republican-Independent problematic split and upcoming bipartisan Kabuki dance, Gainesville Florida wants to make sure there is someone from every possible skin-tone color in a position in every city department.

September 15th, 2013
(56 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discussed: Love bugs have returned to Florida, Gainesville bicycle lanes end to nowhere, Colorado recall elections update concerning gun bans as well as their recent deluge of rainfall, Bullet shell casings are now considered a gun by definition in Washington D.C. – Florida’s even stricter and you won’t believe it, Putin and Syria update, Illegal dinner clubs in NYC, Explanation of what happened to Pastor Terry Jones when he was arrested for hauling 2,998 Korans soaked in kerosene ready to burn, Carrying a cross in North Carolina turns out to be illegal on two counts, Jimmy’s take on the minimum wage increase, Caller Aaron asks is the American Dream still alive? Finally, why no hurricanes this year with all the “climate change” going on?

September 8th, 2013
(56 min)

Jimmy, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: TSA’s new $85 Pre Check system, Syria, Video of Vietnam John Kerry vs. Syria John Kerry "Criminal Hypocrisy" – Hilarious! Kim Jung Un is a real dictator, Man ordered to carry humiliating sign after threatening to kill cops, Local Gainesville live theater “The Hippodrome” wants money from the city, Colorado recall elections and gun bill, Corporations vs. Non-Profit enterprises, - Lite Notes - Jimmy found out he can have two chickens on his home property!, Two kittens shut down New York subway for two hours, Concave building in London focus’s sun’s rays onto parking lot frying cars.

September 1st, 2013

Jimmy, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: The city of Gainesville and the county of Alachua ran out of money so the police department and county sheriffs conducted outrageous sting operations for jaywalking, Debt ceiling frozen just shy of $17 Trillion, Minimum wage strike, Edward Snowden leaked the CIA’s Black Budget, Secret spying geese, The fiscal debt and the “Rule of 72” explained, Our take on Syria, Why WW1 was started, Unknown bad things that could go wrong if the U.S. takes action in Syria?

August 25th, 2013

Jimmy, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Christmas is already here for some retailers, Shall we nuke Syria? Is there really a voter suppression crisis? Why airlines can’t solely higher sexy stewardesses, Stop and Frisk law explained, Escalation of Civil Forfeitures – Scary video here, TSA expanding searches, Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations diminishing? Bradley “Chelsey” Manning wants to become a girl, NSA admits to widespread spying here and abroad, Gainesville’s new group the “Duck Ponders” – in semi-affluent area of town is upset because the city wants to put a parole office nearby, Gainesville’s homeless solution celebrates 10 years of…Expansion? - Lite Notes – Canadian dentist wants to clone John Lennon, Sugar free Gummy Bears are a gas, Mars One Foundation taking applications for a one way trip to Mars – Make sure you check out the applicants videos!

August 18th, 2013

Jimmy, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy’s new Twitter account @Jimmydoane, City commissioner Susan Bottcher gets insulted by the mayor and wastes the entire seven plus hour meeting,  Transportation tax, Game day parking issues, Cairo madness, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is challenging the merger of American and US Airways, Skype Touch and fundawear video, Fundawear vibrating underwear , Walmart misses earnings by a penny causing fear in the economy, Bitcoin under scrutiny from New York State Department of Financial Services, Switzerland opens drive in 'sex boxes' to make prostitution safer, CIA finally acknowledges Area 51!

August 11th, 2013

Jimmy, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Our first show on 97.3 The Sky, Gainesville Florida’s genius city commissioners are thinking of narrowing uber-popular 8th ave, Gainesville public library issues, GRU biomass plant, Nathan Collier wants to buy five acres of swamp land here in Gainesville for one million dollars and people are outraged, Edward Snowden hero or traitor, Wal-Mart got extreme run-around by Gainesville city commissioners and review boards and now has an alien camel, Gainesville planning meetings schedule
– Lite Notes – Oprah tries to buy a $38,000 handbag in Switzerland and the clerk doesn’t know who she is, William Shatner getting uber-rich off of, Perseids meteor shower tonight!

July 9th, 2013

Jimmy, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Shout out to Nick in Alaska, Teen Justin Carter faces 8 years in prison for making sarcastic comment on Facebook, Bunny Team Six and how to make appropriate appropriations for your magic animals should there be trouble, Make sure you read “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat – Here’s the free audio version, George Zimmerman trial update and comments, Edward Snowden update, James Clapper, Why J. Edgar Hoover was in office so long, Quebec train wreck, Asiana Airlines disaster, Slate Podcasts, The Bridge on the River Kwai, A $15 per hour minimum wage?, Joseph Stiglitz, Bit Coin ATM’s, FED Update, Hot chick news commentators, What happened to Gold and Silver? - Lite Notes - Rare bird gets killed by wind turbine, Giant piece of Cuba broke off and is submerged with huge pyramids and sphinxes larger that found in Egypt, Please visit Engineer Erik’s Band’s Brittania FaceBook page and our Reverb Nation page, and tell your 80’s rocker friends. I know they’ll love this stuff. Trust me. Also Brittania is now available on iTunes!

June 15th, 2013

Jimmy, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Studio upgrades, Jack Rhodes is moving south, Syria OMG – WdeF?, Obama’s family $100 Million “vacation” to Africa (really a facade so he can get rid of his original birth certificate) Obama’s Birth Certificate forgery cover up in comparison to non-incompetence of professional mobsters, NSA phone records acquisition, Edward Snowden is, as of this broadcast, “snowed-in” apparently in Hong Kong, but has “Cojones Grandes” for spearheading a fight against the now seemingly insurmountable U.S. government protocol to repress and suppress our Founding Father’s true intent of freedom from government tyranny and speech when they created these United States. “No Foreign Entanglements” was a pillar of George Washington’s Farewell Speech. Have we slid like a hockey puck away from that in just 217 years? Comments? Government Internet “Sweep Search” to find “villains” – Including you even if you think you’re innocent of everything, Florida bank foreclosure scandal and bailout, Americans are “OK” with drone, Internet, and phone surveillance, New Futurama 2013 season starting Friday 6-21-2013, Sci-Fi series to watch, Dr. Who etc…,  DHS – No more buying of ammo?, Sell or buy gun ammo or ammunition, uniforms or anything cool on, New super-cool IRS agent stand-off weapons, Will ammo prices ever come down? Why is .22 ammo over $.10 / each?, Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) have ruled that genes are not patentable, SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage, Lindsay Vonn Olympic skier, Tiger Woods girlfriend gets “pee tested” for drugs at awards ceremony, Paul Krugman is the winner in the “economics debate” YGTBSM, Two parking spaces sell in Boston for $560,000, Bit Coin Baby – Lite Notes – Dog butt looks like Jesus, Engineer Erik’s band Brittania to record second album, Visit our Brittania FaceBook page and our Reverb Nation page. Keep a lookout for our Kickstarter fund raising project.


May 31st, 2013

Jimmy and Engineer Erik discuss: The Fiscal Cliff on it’s way again, Jimmy Doane Drop Box for old Hot Talk 1430 shows, Gainesville looses two large talk radio stations, Venezuelan toilet paper shortage, Syria, Israel, Benghazi, Obama’s failed campaign promises, Thank you to our anonymous Bit Coin donor, Mormon mother arrested for pot under her bus seat, Colorado to regulate marijuana for adult use.,

April 13th, 2013 Part 2

Jimmy and guests, Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Kim Jong Un rattles nuke saber, Jimmy’s new upcoming short videos on YouTube, Can the U.S. government do literally anything it wants to now? Amish fight causes gross perversion of interstate commerce clause, Florida begins awareness campaign against gambling, Bitcoin fever overloads MT.GOX server temporarily – Due to new account generation. Shout out to Fran at FUDC - Give them a listen!

April 13th, 2013 Part 1

Jimmy and guests, Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy’s Hillary prediction failure and extension, Hugo Chaves legacy, Cyprus and Greece, Jimmy explains Bitcoins, Crazy ammo prices and unavailability, The future of drones.

April 12th, 2013

Jimmy talks with himself about current topics :)

September 20th, 2012

Jimmy, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Shout Outs - Fran, Bart, Tim K, QE3, Problem with the Fed and the Treasury, Unrest in the Mid East, Infidel Movie, The imbecile meddlers here in the city of Gainesville, Cop issues and paranoia, Woman getting arrested for letting kids play in yard, More Obama birth certificate issues, Final thoughts on the big issues of the impending DOOM and the election, Curtis’s new math book – The New Math, - Lite Notes - Monica Lewinski’s new book, Naked Dutchess,

September 9th, 2012

Dinner Show "Special" Well, it's Jimmy, Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik and special guest Mrs. Jimmy, with a mini-disc recorder and a mic around a dinner table, so it turned out to be a Nightmare-O-Mix-O. Should have been an episode of Tales from the Crypt. I used a +5 EE Audio Spell on it, problem is, I needed a +6 or better. We’re going to try again in a different room over at Jimmy’s with a couple more mics and see what happens. Anyway, here's what we talked about: The idiocracy of government services, The Fiscal Cliff, New iStuff, Inflation, What happens if Romney or Obama wins..PS: Please check out For some great healthy products!

January 21st, 2012
(67 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Megaupload gets shut down with arrests, SOPA and PIPA, Newt Gingrich's win in the South Carolina primary, Ron Paul and Counselor Curtis’s take on the Libertarian Party, Georgia and Alabama experiencing serious problems with their vegetables due to their strict immigration laws, U.S. citizens loose unimaginable freedoms this year by executive order – no check and balance – no Congress vote, Ridiculous police power, Jack Rhodes describes Greece issues from his recent trip to Europe, Costa Concordia cruise ship diving opportunity, Gold and silver still a buy, Iran and our drone, Ms. Jimmy photo-shoot intermission, Hugo Chavez update, - Lite Notes - Greece now renting Acropolis, RIP David Prowse, Martin Luther King eternal flame went out, 3,500 year-old tree in Florida burned down, EJ’s new Zombie Rubs, Tax exemption that doesn’t fly, Office chair costs $1,179, U.S. Navy uses dolphins to find Iranian underwater mines, Jack Rhodes show.

October 12th, 2011
(52 min)

Road trip with Jimmy and guests, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Ok, so this is not a normal show. We did a little road trip out to look at some lakefront property so we recorded a show in the car. The explanation is that we started talking about what kind of plane would be cool to have so we could make an escape when necessary. We also talked about some computer stuff because the Counselor has computer issues that cannot be explained. Then we discuss cocaine submarines and how that may lead to affordable personal submarines for the rest of us. Some notes on government regulation, Wall Street protests, Hall of Whispers, Back to government regulations, Credit default Swap thing, Crashes and Panics book, Fort Knox gold, Geraldo Rivera and Al Capone’s vault, Yes, Jimmy’s suicide addendum.

Not much can be done about the audio.

September 19th, 2011 Part 2
(52 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Gold price prediction, Star Wars Blue Ray edition coming out, Jimmy’s prediction on the Super Committee outcome, Amish people arrested for not using correct slow buggy sign - You HAVE to check out thier mug shots, Italian Premier Berlusconi or Bussolini or something wants to get rid of their pesky constitution, Is the US going to back Israel or Palestine regarding the Palestine request for state independence?, Swiss did the nuclear option regarding currency but what was the outcome?, Unlimited dollar loans from Geitner to the EU?, QE3 has already started and Jimmy will tell you why, Internet strong-arms FHP to stop giving tickets for drivers’ flashing lights to warn of speed traps
– Science Notes -
 Gamers discover key protein in the development of AIDS using “Fold It”, Water planet found in “Goldilocks Zone”, Binary star planet found, NASA Super Rocket, Space X rockets, Jimmy’s idea for a new rocket – Needs a Mr. Fusion or something – but pretty hot idea
- Lite Notes -
Porn industry creates luxury bunker for the apocalypse – Better Link, Weeds documentary on how to make a pot grow farm, Darden restaurants now will use 1% milk-drink as it's default drink for children due to Mrs. Obama as well as no fries without adult permission, Jimmy and the Paleo Diet rebuttal, Michigan is now tracking kids BMI (Body Mass Index), California jobs bill has unreal demands on baby-sitters, Gator Florida new ticket selling rules, Real-life “Weekend at Bernie's",  R.I.P. Jim Leeward, West Virginia air-show crash, Fan and supporter shout-outs, Doane-ate to the JD show J, Rock the Revolution Tour – Thanks Zakery, New video on the Counselor Curtis Website –, Buy gold, Jimmy predicts gold to be $2,500 on election day.

September 19th, 2011 Part 1
(58 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Obama’s new old new plan to save the economy, Why Obama’s Job’s plan is doomed to failure - Solyndra example, How consumers win on companies that “Dump” products, How import tariffs hurt consumers, Some reasons why socialism is doomed in Sweden, The Buffet Rule explained, Tax the rich more?..Already doing it, Eat the Rich video again, How the Ponzi scheme is far better for people than the social security scam, Nice explanation of what a Tontine is, Wolf Blitzer vs. Ron Paul, Tim Geitner lectures Europe on how to fix the Euro, When Greece will default and the repercussions, Poverty rate is at an all time high – How?, The true meaning of FDR’s quote “We have nothing to fear except fear itself”, A great solution on how to buy affordable gold.

August 28th, 2011
(56 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Hurricane and Earthquake, Washington Monument cracked – Founding Father’s spinning in their graves was the cause, Obama hits the HARP button to stave off destruction – Not the end of the World, Should have turned the Washington Monument into a fountain spewing water from the top, John Stewart’s static champagne graph doesn’t solve the debt problem – He’s getting aware of this due to his Socratic method questioning but check out the Eat The Rich video for a great analysis, Greece situation and how it affects the world today, What the stopping of “short selling” stocks means to the market, Finland wants some collateral for their bailout contribution for Greece, New lemonade raids, Gibson Guitar raid – Beware all musicians, Too many vegetables in your yard is a criminal offence now, Texas “ticketing” school kids like crazy for cash for bs stuff – Spreading to other states like a virus, Alachua County Schools re-vamping the school cafeteria menu – but they fail to see the big picture, Jimmy’s new reading list John Adams bio – Lite Notes – UFO’s 67 % increase over the past three years, Hypnotist passes out and has to recover to bring stage guests back to consciousness,Teen could die from brushing her hair, Elton John has a new baby, Planet made out of diamonds, Ron Jeremy Rum, Star Wars deleted scenes being released on Blue Ray, Blade Runner prequel in the mixed, Counselor Curtis’s new movie coming up, Hugo update, Thanks to Counselor Bart for the Lithuanian tank driving over illegally parked cars, Goldfish eating addiction.

August 5th, 2011
(47 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curts and Engineer Erik discuss: Happy Birthday Jimmy! SWAT team raids Rawesome Foods for selling raw milk and organic vegetables – extra note – 5 US agencies took place in the raid – More vids, Tea Party Terrorists – Look Out!, The national debt, debt ceiling & what the new “Deal” means for citizens, John Stewart’s show with Austan Goolsbee – Parallelogram of Disappointment at 4:25, The U.S. gets downgraded, What “Defaulting” actually means, Why taking “rich” peoples’ money won’t solve our economy issues, Ron Paul suing to stop the Super Congress-Committee, Baby woodpecker incident.

May 17th, 2011
(75 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curts and Engineer Erik discuss: Two little extra tidbits about the Obama “birth certificate”, Newt & Mitt, Who’s running for the Presidential campaign, Food stamps, Racism, Free market, Hangar Dog Chicken commentary, Debt Limit breached, Great cartoon from Gene, The cuts in government spending that NEED to be cut, “Obscene oil profits”, Poor people get the same stuff as “rich” people, Colored TV is racist, Will the Southern US become a huge rice paddy due to Mississippi flooding?, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child, Terminator 4, Men In Black 3, Ghostbusters’s 3 & 4, Will Smith has a cool trailer, Obviously this will be our last show because of Doomsday 5-21-2011 - Please send all your valuables to Jimmy, (Probably because that’s listener Dan’s birthday party), Space Shuttle sighting opportunities, Jimmy watching socialist children cartoon shows, IMF president is I AM F’d president, 7th grader gets a visit from the C.I.A.I.O., - Lite Notes – Woman allowed to masturbate at work, FDA crusade against fresh milk, Palm reader test, Psychic fair, Licensing joke, Nikki Haley responds to labor ruling against Boeing, Gramm–Rudman–Hollings Balanced Budget Act, More Links, Jimmy remotely spooling up archival tape drives & scarring the curators to find info on this topic, Shocking, How accurate is the Internet for big “R” research?, Fishing restrictions here in Florida – Really sucks, How to make flaming bubbles,, Troll movie funded by, Please donate to Jimmy Doane for your continued listening pleasure.

May 6th, 2011
(2 min)

Counselor Curtis's question on what the problem is regarding the release of the Osama death pictures.

May 3rd, 2011
(7 min)

Counselor Curtis "mini" show on Osama: Have we learned our lessons?

May 1st, 2011
(66 min)

Jimmy and guests, Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik and Will Hammond discuss: New Obama’s long form birth certificate in detail. (like lots of detail, but on all sides of the story). If you want to follow along with us, here’s a zip file of the documents we are talking about. Also, here’s a link to a trial version of Adobe Illustrator.
Well, we had some things happen after our last show. We got some flame-mail, and decided to do another show to explain our position, thoughts and evidence we have regarding the "Birther" issue. Just after we left the studio, we learned that Osama Bin Ladin was shot and killed a week ago, so who knows what attention anyone will care about our story. Anyway, this show was supposed to be short and sweet, but it got a little technical and long. Click Here For Will's Video. There are questions to be answered. Here's a page we'll be adding our comments and images to. Great Thanks! to Will Hammond for bringing it to our attention. Send comments to

April 28th, 2011
OK, cat's out of the bag regarding Obama's birth certificate being comprised of layers - Click Here For Video. There are questions to be answered. Here's a page we'll be adding our comments to. Great Thanks! to Will Hammond for bringing it to our attention. Send comments to

April 26th, 2011
(86 min)

Jimmy and guests, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Bolivia wants to grant Mother Earth the same rights as humans, The Royal Wedding - Don't say anything :), Birther issue, Supreme Court decides to run Health Care Bill through appeals court first, Obama in hot water over gas prices, Jimmy’s predictions on gold come true, What actually happened when Germany’s currency collapsed, More on monetary policy, The Ryan plan, Breakdown of allocations of where an average family’s income goes for the 2010 federal budget, Counselor Curtis’s plan to save the country in 25 words or less, Standard & Poors maintains AAA rating on US bonds but with a warning, War in Libya, Michigan cops have devices that extract all data from your cell phone in about a minute during “routine” traffic stops –  Coming to a state near you!, QIK for live insta-sharing & logging of your phone’s videos for fun and defense against police brutality etc, 16 year-old charged with mother’s death in accident – So accident’s are now illegal, SWAT team attacks mom for refusing to give her daughter meds, CC’s Gainesville FL bike path incident, Gasoline stations in Germany get stuck with huge amounts of ethanol enhanced gas because customers not buying it, Make sure you password protect your wireless network or this could happen to you, California considering a soda tax, Wish we could all get off like Lindsay Lohan, Iran’s big plans for chimp-a-naut, Kyrgyz parliament expels 'evil spirits' with seven sheep sacrifice, Florida Internet café’s taking heat from the Heat for providing gambling havens which pay out far more than the FL lottery, More additions to Gainesville’s already proposed “Comprehensive” tax & spending plan, “Racist” Obama email, Science jokes & shout-outs.

April 5th, 2011
(60 min)

Jimmy on the TV again, Alachua county comprehensive plan, Pastor Terry Jones is Jimmy’s new BFF, New solution to mid-east problem, Game ideas, Libya squirmish, Government shutdown, “Birther” Col. Gregory Hollister back in the news, Donald Trump calls for Obama’s birth certificate, Chris Dodd becomes head of MPAA, Facebook hires Robert Gibbs, Jimmy’s other new BFF Jerry Elsworth, Jimmy’s position on nuclear energy, More on charlatan preachers – Rent Marjoe or check out Marjoe on YouTube, Also rent Leap of Faith with Steve Martin, New Ghostbuster movies to be released with original cast.

March 4th, 2011 Part 1
(44 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Government didn’t shut down like we’d hoped…yet, Charlie Sheen increases his popularity and stands to gain on it, Current international affairs regarding Egypt and Libya’s Gaddafi, Can somebody or some country apologize for killing someone? U.S. admin seems to think so, Jimmy’s Victory Garden progress, “Farmageddon” Trailer - Selling raw milk punishable as a crime – Video link – from EJ, Human breast milk ice cream shop opened in London - The Icecreamists, More vids regarding the Icecreamists, bureaucracies run amuck – Milk contains oil and should also be regulated by the EPA, Testing the competency of palm readers and psychics, Florida Governor Rick Scott tells Feds to keep their money regarding Florida high-speed rail , Florida Judge Vinson issues injunction against Obamacare, Illinois State Attorney General Lisa Madigan wants to make gun ownership in Illinois public,

March 4th, 2011 Part 2
(52 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Florida’s new monetary grab with tight DUI laws for spring breakers, I’m sorry, did you say you wanted to cut the local Sheriff’s budget by 1 percent? – You won’t believe what they want to do about that, Price of Life by income - Lite Notes - Eat insects to reduce global warming, The current state of the economy and why, Fake protestor participants, Toddler got trapped in Georgia bank – Amazing escape, Wal-Mart of weed set to open in Sacramento CA, CC’s TSA Theatre experience, How to identify if your future employer is a Star Trek or Star Wars fan, Don’t bet weed on a black jack table in Las Vegas.

February 2nd, 2011
(79 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Punxsutawney Phil did not see shadow - so early spring promising, Australian cyclone Yasi, Egypt unrest and influence by “Social Network” sites, US contemplates Internet “Shut Down” switch, US going to shut down Super Bowl relay sites, No cheerleaders at this year’s Super BowlInteresting article, More on US Internet “Kill Switch”, Egypt shutting down it’s internet due to protests, Have Egypt’s elections been fixed in the past?, The fall of the Aztec, Mayan and Inca empires, Jimmy Doane Show’s predictions on Egypt’s future, US debt ceiling limit postponed, John Stossel’s remedy for what we need to cut for the US to get out of debt, Florida judge Roger Vinson declares Obama’s health plan unconstitutional, South Dakota legislature proposes bill that everyone in South Dakota must buy a gun, Charlie Sheen goes back to rehab – Video, Another plug for Stephen Molyneux’s videos – Lite Notes – Antique Apple II games garnish unreal prices on eBay, Tea Party meeting gets visit from cops dressed in riot gear, Three naked women arrested for walking home from a party here in Gainesville FL. – C’mon… REALLY?...

January 13th, 2011
(72 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Arizona shooting and the potential fallout, Stefan Molyneux video regarding violence in political discourse, Minnesota wrestling coach put on leave for reportedly insulting Obama, Update on the Debt Ceiling, Our visit to see Ray Kurzweil, Oklahoma executes inmate with drug used to kill animals, Rent and check out the Robot Chicken Star Wars parody from Netflix, Gator got painted orange, Ralf Raico has some good stuff on iTunes, Ayn Rand’s The Virtue of Selfishness available free in PDF format, Alexis de Tocqueville Democracy in America, Story behind Eugene Debs’s pardon
- Lite Notes - Fifteen Pasco County nude dancers arrested during a lunch-time roundup, BPG Motors unveils it’s Uno 3 - new type of Seguay style scooter, Segway mod takes rider 25 MPH, Do not report suspicious activity at Wal-Mart – no matter how much you want to.

November 9th, 2010
(90 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Thanks to John for our latest “doane-ation”, What’s actually going to happen as a result of the election, Debt ceiling explained, What’s going to happen in the 2012 elections?, Is Obama A Keynesian video, Michelle Obama handshake, Roads and bridges maintenance fund, Will California ban sales of violent video games to minors?, Blue UFO in Virginia, Woman solves Wheel of Fortune puzzle with only one letter, New York child sued for woman’s death in bike crash, Jimmy’s take on the “What would Boortz do” thing, Toner issues, San Francisco bans Happy Meals, Katie Couric’s insane crusade against fast food, Keith Olbermann and private contracts, Mom gets fined $1.5M for downloading 24 songs, The JDS show is looking for an original copy of "Odyssey the Compleat Apventure" (sic), Jimmy’s new reading book – America Alone by Mark Steyn, Our take on hyper-texting kids, House built out of Boeing 747.

October 20th, 2010 Part 2
(28 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Bart, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: 20 year-old girl takes Mexican police chief job, Florida man gets $650,000 for lap dance injury, New US air force aircraft identification card, Weather balloon, U.K. mandates that every email, phone call, or Website visit must be recorded and stored, The JDS cast become trillionaires, Geithner vows to prevent currency deflation, New zero G coffee cup, Wine to be sold in vending machines in Pennsylvania, More uses for Vodka, CC’s “Stand next to the trash can” cocktail.

October 20th, 2010 Part 1
(58 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Bart, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Michelle Rhee resigns, Marijuana closer to being legal, France is rioting about jobs, U.K. slashes a half a million jobs, Hugo Chavez update, 14 state pensions running dry – Guess who’s coming up first? – Shocking dollar percentage of pensions on state budgets, Sustainable community debacle, More Chilean minor stuff, Oil change discovers GPS tracker, Cops and roads.

October 14th, 2010
(72 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Chili miners made it out o.k. - Congratulations – What’s going to happen regarding the November elections and what is going to be the real result for us taxpayers, Jimmy’s predictions coming true on gold value, Counselor Curtis’s big prediction of at least one major bank will fail soon due to the home foreclosure robo-signing scam – Listen for our stock prediction to short – Listener Rochelle sends us this mortgage scandal link to explain some of the unreal corruption – well worth the short listen to, Wal-Mart makes a mistake and looses some profits on the “lead in” deals, Supreme Court hears “graveyard hollering” case, What’s required to win a “Tort” case, Florida ruling on “Obama Care” suit, Counselor Curtis's memorandum of law advocating returning to the necessary and proper clause, Rally to Restore Sanity vs. March to Keep Fear Alive, Spending your own money to get elected – Jimmy vs. CC and EE – Should the entire world have a standard currency?, Somehow…Alachua County is short $380M for road repair? – What do they plan to do about it?, Mortgage fraud bill passes warp speed through Congress, but gets a pocket veto from Obama – Possibly the best thing he’s done since in office. – Lite Notes Lorenzo the “Watch Parrot” arrested for helping drug dealers, World’s oldest man celebrates 114th birthday, UFC kickboxing champ Jean Charles Scarbowsky kicks everybody’s asses even fighting drunk, Jerry Garcia’s house for sale in California, Will new “Clothing in a Can” be a hit?, “Gold Bar” dispensing machines coming to U.S., Where’s Pinky?, New Ohio $25 fine for leaving car unlocked, Speeding traps expanding, Crosswalk police sting. Please visit the Fat Tuscan Café’ if you are in the Gainesville area – GREAT food, beer and atmosphere with Fantastic live music!

September 11th, 2010
(20 min)

Jimmy and Counselor Curtis discuss different religions at the site of the (well, it didn't happen,) Qu'ran burning. Sorry the audio was so bad, but we couldn't help it. The "reverb" happened as a result of the noise cancellation.

August 5th, 2010
(60 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Congratulations to now “Counselor Bart”, Gulf oil spill, Ground Zero mosque gets green light, WikiLeaks - Publishes and comments on leaked documents alleging government and corporate misconduct, Motorcycle rider gets ticket for “un-authorized wire tap” for recording his stop, Martha Lott’s super “take your belt off when you go into the courthouse rule”, Lance Armstrong - under the microscope with your tax dollars at work again – 10 years after the fact, Same sex marriage political issues, Activism and Judicial restraint explained, George Will’s questions for Elena Kagan, New Arizona immigration laws and consequences.

April 13th 2010 Part 3
(48 min)

Jimmy and guests Stitch, Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Shout out to listener Susie, More TSA troubles, Terror list expanding to include people who live on ground floor apartments and engineers, FCC imposes new rules & regulations for Internet and other things, FTC moves to regulate Google, Obama authorizes killing of an American cleric terrorist suspect, Hugo Chavez arrests high-profile individuals and a judge who irked him, Obama limits when U.S. would use nuclear arms, Jaywalking “solutions”, New Japanese Segway, Cool portable folding electric bike, Here's another cool folding electric bicycle

April 13th 2010 Part 2
(34 min)

Jimmy and guests Stitch, Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Jack Rhodes is actually a Deity in India, Justice Stevens’s view on eminent domain, Will the Supreme Court finally overturn Wickard v. Filburn?, What will the new SCOTUS judge be like?

April 13th 2010 Part 1
(33 min)

Jimmy and guests Stitch, Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: New tax form - hilarious, Birthday shout out to Crazy Naked Shannon, Colorado renews the teacher tenure debate, WARNING Capitol Controls Act HR2487 PASSED! - US imposes 30% fine on taking money out of the country active NOW and RETRO-ACTIVE - We’re almost doomed!

Justin TV Show Link
Tues April 13th

March 21st 2010 Part 2
(76 min)

Jimmy and guests Stitch, Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik, and Lisa discuss: The census, Loosing rights vs. protecting America, Is there a solution out of Afghanistan? Feds are considering going under cover in social networks like FaceBook, Twitter & MySpace, NY lawmaker sponsoring a bill to ban salt, Soda and snack tax, Jimmy junk scores, Full-time chicken catcher in Miami let go due to budget cuts, Push for biometric I.D. cards, Stealth taxes, Ford introduces new hot rod police cars, Irish cardinal apologizes to abuse victims, Darth Vader apologizes to victims on Alderaan.

March 21st 2010 Part 1
(48 min)

Jimmy and guests Stitch, Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik, and Lisa discuss: House passes the Obamaside death bill, Children craft $100 bills to send to congress, Cloak of invisibility takes a step forward, Lawmakers are re-thinking texting with relation to sex offending, 14 year-old girl arrested for posting pictures of herself on MySpace, Another 14 year-old charged as an adult for reckless homicide for giving a 13 year-old Oxycontin, Dateline Georgia – Non sex-offenders can be added to the register – Unreal.

March 8th 2010 Part 2
(122 min)

Jimmy and guests Stitch, Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik, Lisa and the Polterguest discuss: Arnold’s and California budget woes, German family tries to get asylum for home schooling kids – Not gonna happen, India and Pakistan border closing video, Census stuff, Freddy May – Mack update, Postal service’s great system, Check out Bat 21 the movie, Toyota woes, Marion Barry’s 40 years of “service”, Is “Ladies night” discrimination?, Florida’s budget deficit, UF pedestrian tickets, Jimmy blows through the French border, UF student gets shot in his own apartment.

March 8th 2010 Part 1
(54 min)

Jimmy and guests Stitch, Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik, Lisa and the Polterguest discuss: Nasa finds possibly 156 billion gallons of water ice on the Moon, China to launch space station, More TSA hassles, Jobless in America, Jimmy on the “Job and Job-less Bill”, Stitch on health care reform, Jimmy’s bumper sticker business, Let states decide health care if anything, Government forcing GM to open up 600 old stores, White House slip up.

February 23rd 2010 Part 2
(58 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik and Studio Babe Lisa discuss: Obama’s new “Debt Commission”, How Jimmy would fix the debt, Curtis’s plan to stop government expansion, California lawmakers consider animal abuse registry, Unbelievably, South Carolina now requires ’subversives’ to register – Costs $5, Retard alert, U.S. comic book collector sentenced to six months in prison for importing and possessing Japanese manga comic books depicting illustrations of child sex and bestiality, Man crashes plane into IRS building, Southern California residents can rip up their lawn for cash, Tampa gets Las Vegas stripper mobile.

February 23rd 2010 Part 1
(60 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik and Studio Babe Lisa discuss: Gabfest Podcast, School Sucks Podcast, Lew Rockwell, Marijuana use by seniors goes up as boomers age, Obama wants higher education standards, New nuke plants on the horizon?, Bloom Energy fuel cell, Internet gambling may be back, Obama’s newly re-shuffled healthcare plan already half-way in toilet.

February 2nd 2010 Part 2
(70 min)

Jimmy and guests Stitch, Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik and Studio Babe Lisa discuss: McDonald’s celebrates the 20th anniversary of the opening of its first store in the Soviet Union - Conversely - Prince George's leader wants to curb county's fast-food eateries, Truant kids in Texas required to carry GPS and report in five times a day, Brazilian soldiers spray tear gas on Haitians seeking food, Haiti update, 400 people arrested in Tampa at the Gasparilla parade, Smoking mother forced into c-section at hospital by judge resulting in still born child, GabFest podcast – Lite Notes – Hindus in the news, New tour takes visitors into LA gang territory.

February 2nd 2010 Part 1
(55 min)

Jimmy and guests Stitch, Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik and Studio Babe Lisa discuss:, The US Budget, The State of the Union Address, Attendees removed from a Bush speech for bumper stickers criticizing the war in Iraq loose another court round, How to get into a public rally, Dictionaries removed from southern California schools because of definition for "oral sex".

January 19th 2010 Part 2
(50 min)

Jimmy and guests EJ, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss:  New Jimi Hendrix album 'Valley of Neptune' set for release on March 9th, 2010, Hugo Chavez seizes a French-owned retail chain, Connecticut officials put out a 542 page - 66-point plan as a guide to prosperity – Yea, me too, 26 states have adopted lowering standards to graduate high school students, Gainesville charter school gets vetoed, Titusville sheriff and DCF are pursing criminal charges against a mother and sister of a three-year-old who wandered a quarter mile away, 11 year-old calls cops on mom and dad for dealing pot, A couple stories on how to get expelled from school, Alachua county humane society officers are now packin’ heat – not for the animals, Several homes in Calvert County Maryland are in danger of falling into the Chesapeake Bay in favor of saving endangered puritan tiger beetles, Biker in Ocala Florida pulled over for wearing gladiator helmet, Cocaine found at NASA hangar.

January 19th 2010 Part 1

Jimmy and guests EJ, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Differences in health care for members of congress, What the Nuclear Option means, CIA missile strike campaign, Thoughts on pulling the plug on foreign wars and U.S. bases abroad, Alachua county S.W.A.T. team practices tactics on local man, Gainesville raises parking meter violation fines to $20, Costs of shutting down airports for stupid stuff, Joan Rivers airport incident, 8-year-old Mikey stuck on terror watch list, Notes about and solutions for Haiti.

January 6th 2010 Part 2

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Alachua County Sheriff's SWAT team takes second place in international contest, California attempting to further legalize medical marijuana, Gainesville Florida planners stupefy Wal-Mart proposal for the umpteenth time, Gainesville “Choices” local universal failing health care recap, Texas cockfight gets raided, Horse shot with arrows in Atlanta, Parents arrested for tattooing kids, Pinellas County woman charged with .404 DUI, Volusia County deputy gets 20 days suspension for crashing cruiser with DUI, Gainesville law enforcement writes 190,000 tickets in the first six months of 2009 for people just not wearing seatbelts – Guess what the fines total out to?, Virginia man we talked about on the 11-02-09 part-two show convicted of in-home indecent exposure, Concealed weapons issues, How the government is going to take away all your guns - Lite Notes - Professional grade Viagra, Go to iTunes and listen to the speakers from the 2007 Singularity Summit, The Who will play at the Super Bowl, Possible new sponsors for Tiger Woods, Star Trek most pirated movie of 2009.

January 6th 2010 Part 1

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: The Obama administration’s new “unlimited dollars” bail-out program, How the Federal Reserve “smoothes” out the “evil” capitalist business cycle, Permanent TARP? Life jeopardy and denial analogy, Fallout for air travelers from the “Panty Bomber”, Cost of business from interrupted air travel, Jimmy Doane’s solution to air passenger screening, EPA to regulate carbon emissions and doesn’t need approval from congress, Health care bill goes to conference, Medicare caps and rationing.

December 17th 2009 Part 2

Jimmy continues with special guest Stitch from the Hangar Dogs, and Engineer Erik about: Shout out to Marty Beckerman and his new book Dumbocracy, Shout out to Wes Burtrand and the Complete Liberty Podcast – Please check it out, Current U.S. Czar list, EJ’s list of new names for Obama, Tim Lynch’s “Bill of Rights” day article – Really good – Lite Notes - Hindus in the News, Oregon scientists trying to decide if killing barred owls to protect spotted owls is a good idea….What? Fines raised to $5,000 for selling toy guns that look like real ones in NYC, Woman’s daughter reportedly gives better oral sex than her mom, Mystery crapper strikes Steamboat Springs – causes stink, Jimmy junk segment, Brittan moves to outlaw checks, Legal update with Stitch, Harry Reid in the “Last Supper” pic, Jimmy’s “Speed Dial”, Kid suspended from pre-kindergarten for having long hair in Texas, Strange baby names, Russian Su-29 fighter jet up for sale to anyone in the U.S., Amish man gets DUI in horse and buggy, Jimmy’s dream car, Dolphins enlisted to protect navy nuclear subs, Hilarious exam blunders.

December 17th 2009 Part 1

Jimmy and special guest Stitch from the Hangar Dogs, and Engineer Erik discuss: The Supreme Court of the United States visits the Jimmy Doane Website!, Drones video feeds gets hacked in Iraq, DIY Drones, More Mayan Calendar possible discrepancies, Will they get some kind of health care bill passed before Christmas?, U.S. budget atrocities and deficit borrowing, The USA should take a lesson from Argentina’s past, Hugo Chaves takes greater control of the banks, Tiger Woods plate set and video game, Will Florida issue bear hunting permits purely for profit?, Can we invent a “Super Yeast”?

December 1st 2009 Part 3

Jimmy, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Honest Services Doctrine, Philly guy flips off cop, Florida dishing out the concealed handgun permits  – Lite Notes – Lowes recalls 663,000 grills, Barbie in a burkha, Baboons are becoming furry felons in Cape Town South Africa, The real Tiger Woods story, Extreme car horn videos, Parents pull kid’s tooth with R/C car, Lab grown bacon, Mall Santa variants.

December 1st 2009 Part 2

Jimmy continues with special guest Stitch from the Hangar Dogs, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik about: Hugo Chavez on the warpath to nationalize Venezuelan banks, US bill might force banks to accept less from poor people- i.e. partial default, How to reform health care the right way, Ordering a pizza in 2012, Predictions about what will actually get passed as far as the health bill is concerned, SNL video of Obama & Jintao Press Conference, Animated unemployment map, Obama’s dilemma about sending troops to Afghanistan, Gun show and Star Trek convention at Disney.

December 1st 2009 Part 1

Jimmy and special guest Stitch from the Hangar Dogs, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: How the government REALLY creates jobs, Scientist cartoon on global warming, Leaked documents show massive global warming fraud, Do the Chinese have a weather altering device?, Please donate your hazardous materials to the Jimmy Doane Show, Check out for the Hubble Deep Field Image Video of 10,000 galaxies, The incogitable clean-up of Jimmy’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, Will Crackie Bernanke destroy the economy with the Fed?, Sad short history of the Federal Reserve, The real reason why the Mayan calendar only goes to 2012, What are the Fed’s only choices regarding inflation and what does that mean for us taxpayers?

November 18th 2009 Show
(95 min)

Jimmy and special guest Will, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Global warming – AGAIN???, Some plausible solutions J, How to protect yourself and even profit from climate change, Great Powerpoint presentation on global warming, Link to our 2005 Supreme Court Show, FDA may ban caffeinated alcoholic drinks – You’ve GOT to be kidding! – Is Ronald McDonald goin’ down for getting kids hooked on drugs?, Is Mickey Mouse gay?, Marge Simpson poses for Playboy magazine, People of Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart to offer cell phone provider service, The coming “Money Bubble”, Status of the health care bill, Mandatory health insurance problems, Three Wolves Shirt phenomenon – Read the reviews, Has the Emergency Broadcast System cried wolf too many times?, How some schools are gaming the system to get more money, 25 middle-school students arrested for food fight – Lite Notes - Call of Duty” warfare game is banned in Russia, Flibanserin – the new Spanish Fly for women, Why SiFi changed it’s name to SyFy, Angry woman eats boyfriend’s pets, Why the Wisconsin Tourism Federation changed it’s name, Man’s ashes buried inside computer, Dwarf gets penis glued to a vacuum cleaner, Creepy dolls, Pole dancing dolls, Obama Chia Pet Christmas gift, Nasa finds water on the moon, Tourist space hotel scheduled for operation in 2012, Tyler’s Toy WebsiteMy Hope Chest organization. A few of Will’s Maynard Ferguson prints still available! – They are stunning!

November 10th 2009 Part 2
(53 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy’s offering The Anti-Capitalist Mentality (book) by Ludwig von Mises for small donations, Also check out The Road to Serfdom by F. A. H. von Hayek and The Law by C. Northcote Parkinson, Will “texting” be banned while driving?, Congress reps playing solitaire while in session, Criminal intent verses accident, Jimmy finds courthouse door locked during public comment time, Mom issued cease and desist order for operating day care just for letting neighborhood kids wait for the school bus at her house, Adoption agencies want no guns or ammo in the house, Arnold angling to restrict ammo sales in California – WHAT? – Another DCF horror story, Football celebration penalty rant, Florida’s great water grab, Student gets suspended for bringing spent blank bullet casings to school for show-and-tell, Alachua county proposes two-cent bed tax increase for baseball park in the middle of nowhere, - Lite Notes - Was the Large Hadron Collider damaged by a time-traveling bird?, Get a new penis with lab grown tissue, Man arrested for being naked at home, Man dressed as breathalyzer gets caught driving drunk, Man gets DUI on motorized Lay-Z-Boy, South Korean woman passes drivers license test on 950th attempt.

November 10th 2009 Part 1
(67 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Fall of the Berlin Wall, School Sucks and The Complete Liberty Podcasts, Obama’s health care bill, Fort Hood shooting digression, Back to health care, Ronald Regan speech on government health care, Chris Dodd introduces bill to regulate risky lending, The ridiculous narrowing of Main Street here in Gainesville Florida, Grab ‘N Go baristas arrested for prostitution while serving coffee, Rhode Island governor closes loop-hole on indoor prostitution, FDA wants to ban sale of raw oysters from the Gulf of Mexico, Jolt Cola might go out of business, How much jail time can you get for letting your son get a tattoo?

September 17 th 2009 Part 2
(60 min)

JJimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Some obvious flaws with Obama’s health care suggestions, Tire tariff veto, International trade simplified by Counselor Curtis, DIY Drones – cool site, for all your legal needs- Science Updates – NASA out of funds to track asteroids, Spray-on solar cells, Chris Martenson’s basic economics crash course videos, Fatostatin could prevent obesity, New super Velcro can hold 35 tons, MIT students fly camera to edge of space for $150 – Lite Notes -  Man accidentally makes chlorine gas while cleaning toilet, Starlings pose aviation risk, Obama Yes We Cannabis poster causes stir, Litter Vigilante cited for trash piles, Man advertises parents for sale or trade on Craigslist, Clothing label from a small US clothing company states Obama is an idiot and we didn't vote for him, Small DARPA robot can leap over 25 foot walls – Watch Out! – Library closings in Philly, New baby hotels, Bank of America refuses to cash check when armless man can’t give a thumb print, Average woman can only hold a secret for 47 hours, College student claims you shouldn’t have to be a natural born citizen to be president of the US – Wait ‘till you hear what she says!

September 17 th 2009 Part 1
(58 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik and very special guest Gene from the Hangar Dogs discuss: Gainesville Florida city tax formula and hike, Ron Paul’s House Resolution HR 1207 – Audi the Federal Reserve bill, Does Iran have the nuke?, Florida alligator situation, Hilarious ACORN videos – search for ACORN videos on, Terrorist suspect in Colorado, Yale murder, Parrot testifies in court, Pensacola Florida school in hot water over prayers, Is it illegal to flip a cop off?, How laws grow, Gainesville Florida cops go egging drunk, Football coach acquitted of homicide for player’s death, Student kills burgler with samurai sword, Crowd estimation at the Ron Paul march, New Essential Reading - The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality by Ludwig von Mises.

August 9th 2009
(60 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Shout out to CTB Bart, Protests against Obamacare, Obamacare “Top Ten”, Where the original "Dr. Nick" comes from, U.S. States shuffle tax codes to try and cover budget shortfalls, Jimmy’s prediction of the upcoming depression, Hawaii now taxes gambling winnings even if you loose, New board in Florida to decide who gets pain meds, New B.S. $52.50 licensing fee to park cars at UF for the upcoming Gator games, New law banning “certain” reptiles as pets, Police can now use force for hurricane evacuations, Chicago police now allowed to shoot at fleeing cars, Fake police dog exposed, California I.O.U’s not valid in California – Just amazing, but, of course, expected.

July 8th 2009 Part 2
(60 min)

Jimmy and guests EJ, Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Scalping at the Michael Jackson funeral, Engineer Erik’s Michael Jackson story, Will one of Michael’s doctors get charged criminally with his death? CC weighs in, Jimmy might get another radio gig here in Gainesville!!! YEA !!! Jimmy’s story about being a DJ at 89.9 WUFT when he was 18, Shout out to Grant Stone from Stonewall Unzipped wherever he is, Tesla motors bailout, Bob Newhart’s welfare story, N.Y. city council wants to add two Muslim holidays,  States jack up taxes for tourists to balance budget – Hear what Jimmy says about this one, Cigarette tax goes up $1 per pack, Clove cigarettes are to be outlawed, Visit the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe' and buy some tax free smokes, Cheerios & FDA issue – Again - What a joke, Government study on why men don’t like to use condoms, T. Boone Pickens pulls massive Texas wind farm project, Jimmy disagrees with Neal Boortz regarding economy jump-start tactics,  Texas pastor arrested via Taser & pepper spray, 4th grade teacher in hot water for “marrying” student in mock ceremony, Ohio “red light cameras” might check for insurance as well, Michigan cops to open doughnut shop.

July 8th 2009 Part 1
(60 min)

Jimmy and guests EJ, Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Recent celebrity deaths, Why Sarah Palin left office, More on Michael Jackson, Cap and Trade atrocity, Property values going down but taxes going up – WTF?, 4th of July sting operations rake in revenue but no DUI’s, Donte Stallworth manslaughter update, Bush inheritance tax-breaks expire in 2010 so kill that rich relative now :) – Super Bummer, What is happening to our capital? – i.e. money that we as individuals have been saving. Current economic course between China and the U.S.

June 21st 2009 Part 2
(60 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Check out the kick-ass band Spider Monkey who we used for bumper music this show, Counselor Curtis weighs in more about Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor, Online gambling issues re-visited by request of an actual listener, Woman ordered to pay $1.92 million for sharing 24 songs over the Internet, Copyright law history, New $50 fine for not giving up your transit seat to a disabled person, Handicapped parking gone way too far - Lite Notes - Engineer Erik gets a visit from the business cop, Elevator inspectors gone wild, Israeli woman claims $1 M loss when mattress was thrown out, Conceptual story will take 1000 years to read – but EE solved it if you want to know what it is, Library of Congress personnel want to be able to carry guns again – Your library book is over due… BLAM!, Butt Hole Road finally renamed, Mrs. Jimmy calls during show, Chili police find suitcases made of cocaine, Pedisedate nitrous oxide system for kids, Miami cops mistakenly shoot a neighbor, Florida comes in fifth from the bottom in education despite our massive spending.

June 21st 2009 Part 1
(60 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: LINKS FOUND to the Jon Stewart Daily Show about How the Internet works according to Senator Ted Stevens, How the Internet works explained by John Hodgman, and How the Internet tubes get cleared by online gambling – MUST SEE, Iran can’t stop Twitter, Obama smacks a fly, Election riots in Iran, Obama is taking over everything so Hugo might want to take lessons, Indian wire grabber video, North Korea might launch a missile that could reach Hawaii, Health care reform concerns, What competition really provides us as people, Business barriers to entry out of control, Miami school naming competition outcome, Futurama is returning with 26 new episodes for 2010 – YEA!, Government wants to be a watchdog to keep insurance companies honest – WHAT?, Gainesville’s “Tent City” for the homeless, Jimmy on the homeless solution once again, Section 8 housing atrocities.

June 3rd 2009
(60 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Justin TV link failed, but here’s the video if you want to see Jimmy in action (300 Megs), Cool Space Station fly-over, Astronauts toast with recycled urine, Jimmy speaks at the Alachua county and Gainesville budget meetings, FAMU student sentenced to two years in prison for hacking school grades, New passport restrictions for Canada and Mexico, Army looks at abnormal perspiration as a sign of harmful intent, Virginia DMV bans smiles on drivers licenses, FBI is going crazy with the Patriot Act, The street sweeper guy in DC can now write you a parking ticket, Buford T. Justice spotted at rest stop on I75 in Florida, FCC now doing warrantless searches – Must Listen Too – Police can now forcibly take DNA during arrests – WHAT the hell is happening?, Counselor Curtis weighs in on the Judge Sonia Sotomayor nominee.

May 10th 2009 Part 2
(48 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: U.S. stamp price increase, N.Y. millionaire tax, Driveways in D.C. now a no-parking zone, Ocala Florida planning to euthanize roughly 200 nuisance ducks because it’s illegal to move them, Get “The Judge” 5 shot 410 shotgun revolver (as well as .45) from your local gun store or Pickett Weaponry in Florida – Cool You Tube video, U2’s guitarist infuriates Malibu residences by planning to erect “green” houses, Feds to steal land from private citizens for flight 93 9-11 memorial - Lite Notes - Disney’s boob cops – Yes we said boob, High-School in Pennsylvania gives shot glasses as a prom gift, Comedy writer Andrea Wachner hires stripper to go in her stead at her 10-year high school reunion – Must see, Paramedic tried to buy wine wearing only his thong after supermarket staff 'refused to serve him in uniform', N.Y. “Fly-by” causes big stir, Men beaten with golf club after urinating on an occupied vehicle, Powerball winner sends lawyer  to pick up his $60 million check spoiling their party which the government of course took more than half of his winnings anyway – It’s never enough, SCOTUS wants to review the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction after five years, Obama going to suggest new SCOTUS justice, Superman comic #1 sells for $317,000, New Extreme DUI starts at a mere .15, Fish store gets corpse instead.

May 10th 2009 Part 1
(60 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Airline flight diverted because a passenger complained of flu-like symptoms, Egypt orders slaughter of all pigs over swine flu, Massachusetts Senate unanimously passed pandemic flu preparation bill, Also new Massachusetts bill would amend the state's child pornography law to include people over 60 and some people with disabilities, Listener Lisa writes in and asks why the democratic and republican parties seem to be equally corrupt, A homeless Fargo man steals a wallet and then used his EBT card to pay for his groceries but the Department of Human Services won't release his name to find him, Maryland becomes first state in nation to protect homeless people under hate-crimes law, Katrina victims to loose temporary housing after four years, Florida’s CAT fund for hurricane relief has no money due to inevitable government spending, Obama’s jokey 17 billion dollar spending cuts, New taxes coming soon to a wallet near you, What the Florida legislature should have done to fix the state budget, Lawmaker defends imprisoning hostile bloggers, Florida New bill requiring children under 16 to wear a helmet while riding horses on public roads and trails heads to governor, Jimmy buys a new shower head, Minnesota seeks ISP gambling block.

April 22nd 2009 Part 2
(60 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: 2009 Tea parties needed more disobedience, Freddie Mac suicide, HR1913 hate crimes prevention bill 2009, More CC DUI prevention methods, 18 states and now Massachusetts to send body mass indexes (BMI’s) of students home to parents, Difference between a democracy and a republic video, Counselor Curtis’s measure of tyranny, SCOTUS to hear arguments over school strip search, More Florida state taxes for education, Professor’s socialism test with grading, New Florida county tax rape increase, Florida respondents to law suits must pay a filing fee – Unbelievable – Lite Notes – Metal underwear wire bra deflects bullet, Arkansas man unearths 145-year-old live cannon ball, Boy accidentally shoots self, Mom allegedly leaves girls and drives off, Pilot lands on road on way to Sun & Fun 2009, Preggo woman tries to rob bank but gets cell call, Mitsubishi Lancer clocked at 130 MPH in 55 zone, Neologisms and other goodies from Luscious Lips Lisa.

April 22nd 2009 Part 1
(60 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Plug for Mary Held professional Gainesville area dog walker & pet sitter (352) 792-5598, Another shameless plug for Free Talk Live, Shout out to our new donor, Shout out to counselor-to-be Bart, New Futurama movie this Sunday 4-26-09, USA Today 2nd amendment poll, Jimmy defines our “rights” again, Jimmy rails the new DHS memo, Florida water restrictions, California implements “green” utility guilt bills, Obama's National Service bill, Obama’s stimulus plan, Incredible returns on lobbying funding, Supreme Court to review animal cruelty laws, Hugo Chavez declares socialism has reached the U.S. via the Obama administration – DUH, Hockey player ballot scandal, More new Florida laws and penalties, Curtis & Jimmy’s trip to the FX Convention, The barriers to entry are the reason we have a disparity between the rich and the poor – Explained in detail.

April 6th 2009 Part 2
(58 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Hugo Chavez trying to sell oil to China, Bush morphs into Obama cartoon, Car sales on the White House lawn, Private enterprise questions government capability cartoon, Chrysler unveils new SUV and tells gov to shove it, More car comparisons, Bad car news from Counselor Curtis, New Segway Puma, 200 MPH driving range, Record low in Gainesville FL, Real vs Artificial trees to reduce CO2 emissions, Jimmy on cutting pre-k schooling, Ted Stevens update, Selling fake drugs vs. real drugs, Detroit pillow fight leads to arrest, Talking bird goes to court in Boca Raton, Einstein the parrot, 14 year-old accused of child pornography for posting pics of herself on MySpace, What happens if you don’t kill all the burglars in your house, The real cost of standing in line at the airport.

April 6th 2009 Part 1
(60 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: North Korean missile launch and ramifications, Castro update, Dimension 3D printer, Robert Higgs interview on C-Span2, Daniel Hannan rips the Prime Minister – What needs to be said here in congress – Props to Wayne Brady Comic genius – Chappell Show clip, Government jobs grow while private sector jobs declines, What bankrupting the country would actually mean, Inflation defined with respect to the gold standard, Jimmy meets P.J. O’Rourke, 41:00, Get Parliament of Whores on audio, New national health care push, Additional current school rules from Counselor Curtis, The successful mentor teaching system explained, Letter to the Gainesville Sun newspaper from one of Jimmy’s acquaintances.

March 3rd 2009 Part 2
(53 min)

Jimmy and guests EJ, Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik and the Polterguest discuss: EJ at the Joe Cocker concert, HR 45 gun bill,  Counselor Curtis’s high-school update, TSA starting full body scanner testing, Term limits – Lite Notes – Woman charged with breast feeding while driving and using cell phone, Google your name and add "needs", 12 year-old boy scout gets badge for giving women breast exams, Russian mechanic dies from Viagra overdose, Police chief wants to lower the drinking age, Man watches TV for 72 straight hours.

March 3rd 2009 Part 1
(53 min)

Jimmy and guests EJ, Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik and the Polterguest discuss: The new ADDITIONAL stimulus plan – And they're not done yet, New US Czars, Krishon Chocolates, 3 Billion vs 3 Million during congressional hearings, Gold standard history, Milton Friedman on Donohue, Video of history of government printing money, New “Bailout” Czar, The Laffer Curve, Why Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal turned down stimulus money, Obama’s new chopper, Stimulus bill jazz tune by Kathleen Stewart and Steve Jones.

February 8th 2009 Part 2
(46 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: What happens when a government goes bankrupt, What is actually stymieing the current economic recovery, Who in their right mind would buy U.S. bonds right now?, Afghan drug trade is booming, Mexican marijuana smuggling at an all-time “high”, Michael Phelps’s bong, Postal service might cut deliveries, Gainesville Florida’s new revenue enhancement “Red Light Camera” initiative is coming to fruition, “SWATing” - the new teen prank, Texas town examines it’s “Red Light Camera” sting, New Hampshire may succeed, Unreturned library book leads to woman’s arrest, Bill introduced to have cell phone’s make a “click” when taking a pic, Student suspended for cyber-bullying, Teen accused of Facebook sex scam, Woman aims for world’s largest breasts, 14 year-old poses as Chicago cop and is assigned a patrol, Man accused of scaring woman to death, Our thoughts to friends and families of Dewey Martin, Billy PowellChris Chianelli,  Your cell phone can be used to locate you – Watch out!!

February 8th 2009 Part 1
(54 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Hugo Chavez Day, Shout-outs, Neal Fox’s F**K the Fed video, Some “Gold Standard” history, The Obama stimulus package, Where the stimulus money will be spent, The Road to Serfdom by F. A. H. von Hayek, Jimmy says buy gold now, Check out Lew Rockwell,  Nancy Pelosi on unemployment, Nancy Pelosi pledging “no pork” in the stimulus package, Even Cagle’s cartoons are making fun of the pork in this package, $1,000,000,000 for more cops – Then what? Fire them the next year? Yea.. Right! - Comparisons to Japan’s failed bailout.

January 16th 2009 Part 3
(38 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis, and Engineer Erik discuss: Lite Notes - Plug for Cat Hats, Jim Beam-branded potato chips cause parental outrage, End of prohibition, Use of bullets, Teens get felony child pornography charges for “sexting”, Google’s Mail Goggles, Judge throws out lawsuit against God,, British pilot lands after being blinded by stroke, Boy George sentenced, Teacher sells advertising on tests to cover printing costs, More scholastic atrocities, Polar bears find new food source, Ex Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis claimed he pitched a no-hitter on LSD dies, “Sex Chip” creates pleasure in the brain, Snowzilla’s revenge, PETA wants to rename Spearfish High School to "Sea Kitten High School", Wind turbine looses 70’ blade to UFO, Kids with Nazi names taken from home, Removing cats to protect birds backfires. – Here come the snakes!

January 16th 2009 Part 2
(54 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis, and Engineer Erik discuss: Hilary’s status as secretary of state, Eric Holder’s position as attorney general, Volker’s regulation of the printing of money, Suicide Geese, Supreme court ruling of police only accidents (non-civilian), Chicago furniture company selling seats cheaper than the governor’s, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez’s threats regarding oil prices, Majel Barrett Roddenberry journeys to the final frontier, Oil prices and Windfall Profits Tax - where’s that bailout plan? Obama’s new presidential seal – car and cell phone. Al Franken recount issue, Florida Museum of Natural History’s lack of research and information, O.J Simpson found guilty on all charges, Felony puppy endangerment.

January 16th 2009 Part 1
(50 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy reiterates Hillary still has a chance to be Pres, Shout out to Free Talk Live, Lew Rockwell, US Airways has new amphibious jet, True scope of the bailout(s), Break for pizza, Implications of the recession, When is the real inflation going to start?, Current price for Las Vegas hookers, Bid for 22 year-olds virginity up to $3.7 mil, Is the U.S. headed for bankruptcy?, Barak Obama’s plan to “fix” the economy and why it’s not going to work, Counselor Curtis’s review of Dick Army’s economic plan, Hangar Dogs weigh in as well, Keynesian formula that has been proven wrong, IRS vows to take it easy on taxpayers (They are trying to get all they can NOW).

November 19th 2008 Part 2
(58 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik and the Polterguest discuss: Jimmy on Craig’s list, Problems with escort ads on Craig’s list, To have your weekday fix…listen to Past Jimmy Doane Shows – or of you need to… the Hangar Dogs, Lew Rockwell or Free Talk Live in our interim – all good and entertaining! Government plea to give up your 401K for your social security – HA, SDI & the Krell analogy, The Mayan Calendar end - implications on humanity and how it coincides with Obama’s reign, How to win a war Jimmy Doane style – unanimous decision – screw everybody, Miriam Makeba passes away, Apollo 12 lands on the moon, U.S. Inflation meddling - Lite Notes - Assault with a deadly sandwich, Rapper names victim in song and gets time, Woman finally pays the one cent bill to remove the lean on her house, Ecstasy comes full circle back to a marital aid medical drug, Jimmy wants a cure for the “come down”, Fun with ballistics, Talking parrot saves toddler’s life, Hobbit people, 4,300 year old pyramid discovered in Egypt, Woman divorces man over “Second Life” virtual affair, Don’t revolt but buy a gun, We’ll see you again after the holidays!

November 19th 2008 Part 1
(57 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis, Engineer Erik and the Polterguest discuss: Listener Angie asks Jimmy about his Hillary prediction, Barack Obama’s gun bill, National buy ammo day, Obama’s impact on gun sales, Obama’s doomed plan to “Front Load” the economy, New Wizard of ID Obama cartoon, The big three auto bailout, Problems with being independent for anything – If goods don’t cross boarders soldiers will - Benefits of the division of labor, Difference between Paul Krugman’s and David Brooks’s recent columns, Florida and local ballot results, Voting “majority” as to it relates to the actual “majority” – i.e. we need “Super Majority voting in way-more cases than we have now – RIP Mitch Mitchell we will miss you big time Boss!

October 30th 2008 Part 2
(49 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Wrap-up on the bailout thing, The election, Penn and Teller on Obama’s tax plan, John Stossel’s viewpoint on why some people shouldn't vote, Counselor Curtis gets a write in vote from grandma Jimmy, Who should be able to vote according to the JDS cast, Homeless can now use park benches as addresses for their voter id’s in Ohio, Fair Tax “Pre-bate” explanation, CC on why you should vote for Bob Barr, Cool voter guide in Orlando, Charter school syndrome, Obama being called a Marxist, Joe Biden getting the “hook”, Western hemisphere travel initiative, The “Killing Fields” of Daylight Savings Time, Pilot looses entire wing and pulls off a safe landing, JDS election predictions and voting for the record.

October 30th 2008 Part 1
(54 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Studio babe Lisa, New “film” Nailin’ Palin, Jimmy’s trip, Cab trip, Some days in history – End of shoe rationing - Russian H-Bomb, Counselor proposes wealth insurance, New government plan involving your retirement, Pork in the bailout, Travesty of the foreclosure bailout, Licensing, Sign ordinance, Police anonymity, Vietnam story.

October 21st 2008 Part 2
(52 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Wiki FDR, More on the mortgage failure, What really happens when you cut costs, Australian Prime Minister calls economic failure due to “extreme capitalism” – Wha?.... either you have capitalism or you don’t. Earth insurance, Why aren’t Frank Raines, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank not in jail?, Isn’t a “Sub-Prime” loan already underwater? You can give people money - but you can’t give them credit. Is assault legalized on Halloween? New sexual predator laws and their impact on Halloween, - Lite Notes - Various humorous and “for-real” situations in Florida that violated stupid codes and caused people havoc. Counselor Curtis has a visit from the “Doggie Gestapo”, Florida woman refused to pay her Waffle House bill and goes to jail, Lord British launches into space, Man eats 15lb burger, Police impersonator get’s pulled over after pulling over a real cop, Chicago may get a “gay friendly” school, New copyright Czar going in the Bush administration, Jimmy’s crazy adventure, Please email your friends (or enemies) this link – Jimmy Doane Promos!

October 21st 2008 Part 1
(52 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: The JDS cast get’s extremely reprimanded about our Posse Commutates Act bit so see the Hangar Dogs about what is really going on etc.., Jimmy’s new trip with Mrs. Jimmy, Grandma - This may be the last Jimmy Show, Joe Biden speech, Sarah Palin on SNL, Joe Biden’s letter to Jimmy Doane, What if Obama get’s elected, The REAL deal behind who is going to pay this “bailout” and what loans “we” are buying for our money, A history lesson on the history of Reganomics, Why do some rich people (other than entertainers) support the Democratic party?, What is capitol, How do destroy capitol, How does this relate to the current economic situation, The farce of Keynesian economics – bury it in a coal mine and dig it out to make jobs and save the economy, Wiki Keynes and be astonished, Does a tractor pay taxes?, All money is wages…again, John Stossel’s show critique – but he has it right, Steve Wozniak’s success was due to…, Pawn Shop Richard calls in, Counselor Curtis states we do NOT need people to run the world, Toxic investments will be “sold” to the taxpayers to “bail out” the crisis – Wha??? – Is government making it easy to start a business?

October 11th 2008 Part 2
(56 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: New army non-lethal microwave pain-ray trucks might actually cause death, 19-year-old arrested as a terrorist for sending a threatening email, Teenagers to fly new army drones (re: The Last Star Fighter), DARPA wants a submersible airplane, Maryland police abused powers and target “fringe” people – “People who disrupt the government” i.e. protestors, Schools “teach” kids about environment causing parents to go insane due to pint sized eco-policing, More eco-issues, Florida water information, Northern Florida contractor sting operation, Eating kangaroos might help stop global warming, Aussie boy breaks into zoo and feeds animals to an 11 foot crocodile, How the courts treat children.

October 11th 2008 Part 1
(56 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Wall Street woes, Search terms for Jimmy Doane, This day in history, Economic panic of 1873 and how that correlates to today’s monetary troubles, Nationalizing the banks, What the first 700 billion of bailout dollars was actually spent on, Editorial from the New York Times complete opposite of the earlier Harpers article, Insurance vs. healthcare, Possible government sponsored general business insurance – what a joke -

September 30th 2008 Part 2
(60 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Some shout-outs, Bailout wrap-up, VP debates and what Sara Palin is going to wear, Russians giving Hugo Chavez $1,000,000,000 for nuclear arms upgrades, More unbelievable Florida school issues, Jimmy’s trips to the school board meeting, Pawn-Shop Rich calls in to weigh in on the school budget. - Lite Notes -  Man arrested for farting on a cop, New Grand Theft Auto will have drug dealing scenarios, Cocaine trafficking subs on the rise, Fat dolphins in Japan, Chinese astronaut makes nation’s first space walk, Hubbell Space Telescope has a new problem, Clowns in Birmingham U.K. have been banned from playing their trumpets due to licensing regulations, Mailwoman stores mail because she couldn't deliver it on time, New 14 million digit prime number discovered, iPhone-equipped passenger takes on flight crew over weather, Shout out to Kamala and, Shout out to the excellent crew of the Caribbean Explorer 1

September 30th 2008 Part 1
(50 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss:Birthday shout-outs to Angie Dickinson, Marilyn McCoo, John Lombardo, Fran Drescher, and a bunch of other people Jimmy had on a list that made no real sense to us but hey, Paul Newman passes, This day in history, Big Bailout – Possible Implications – Undoubted origins, Jack Rhodes shares a 1999 NYT piece about the start of the entire Fannie Mae problem, Jimmy’s Sarah Palin yard sign, More reasons for the failure and a prelude for the BIG failure of Medicare – Medicaid – Social Security etc.., Jimmy’s government “referee & elephant” analogy, Recap on what we’ve been talking about, Engineer Erik’s difficult outro music decision.

September 13th 2008 Part 2
(58 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Casting call for a political cartoonist for the Jimmy Doane Show, Washington State deploys cameras on freeways, Interesting “Sun-Pass” info (Florida’s EZ-Pass), Jib Jab – Time for some Campaignin’, Sara Palin, Sara Palin SNL Skit, Sara Palin Facts, Jimmy’s new “Welcome” mat, Jimmy is still stickin’ to his guns about Hillary – LOL, Will the Sarah frenzy continue until the election?, Huuuuugo Update, Guess how much of the U.S. is Park Land and is OFF LIMITS to the citizens?, Jimmy’s Garden – Lite Notes – Georgia town pays $1,000,000 to close strip club, Natalie Dylan - 22-year-old hot student from San Diego is publicly auctioning her virginity to pay for her college education at Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Interesting Facts about the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Brooke Shields’ “Pretty Baby” reference, JimmyJane sex toy promotion, 9-11 Tribute and memorial, Why we need to have only 1 date to “memorialize” everyone, “Our” Gainesville 34th Street Graffiti Wall “understood prohibitions”, Bathtub (Home grown) cheese crackdown in the U.S. – unbelievably ridiculous!

In addition, In Grievance,Richard Wright passed away today. Sadness doesn’t begin to describe what we are feeling right now. Please accept our deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

September 13th 2008 Part 1
(50 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Hurricanes, Geraldo Rivera and Ike, LHC fires up for a small test, Freddie May – Fanny Mack – Lehman Brothers issues and what that means for exactly whom, Comparison to the 1980 Chrysler bailout, Classic sayings from the 1950’s, A look at the history of the Consumer Price Index.

August 26th 2008 Part 2
(65 min)

Jimmy and guests EJ, Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy’s high-tech communications network (his rotary phone), Lunar property rights, Jack poises the word of the day - “litigious”, – Site to help you pick your candidate, Bob Barr - the Libertarian candidate – is coming to Gainesville, Query regarding the current prostitution situation at the Democratic National Convention, Jimmy’s lunar acre, Jimmy’s “Short Hilarious Clips” page linked to the Promo button on the upper left part of the Jimmy Doane site, More lunar stuff, Ankle device to keep track of students, 9-year-old Jericho “too good” to play baseball in New Haven, Scientists create 'Exercise in a Pill', Ohio community bans ice cream trucks,  Lyrics cut from Led Zeppelin song at closing Olympic ceremony, China refuses to issue protest permits, Five most embarrassing moments for China at the Olympics, Mythbusters going to try and fake moon landing video, Intel makes progress on wireless electricity, Naked cyclists in Vancouver, Jimmy tries to get his license renewed.

August 26th 2008 Part 1
(38 min)

Jimmy and guests EJ, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Demo-Con, Hillary’s speech, Obama’s VP choice, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton’s dilemma, How Hillary lost the nomination, New guidelines give FBI more power, Terminal Ted, New U.S. smuggling crackdown on the Mexican border, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ends its 'Scheduled Departure' program when only eight people participated in the program.

August 14th 2008 Part 2
(70 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Mystery guest "Stitch" finally revealed!, “Green” burials, Atomic bomb radiation decay rates and Plutonium Pu-240 pre-detonation concerns, Neutron bomb explained, Olivia Neutron Bomb explained, How Mystery Guest got his call sign, Situation in Georgia and will we still be able to get peaches?, Pravda online newspaper – Must read – Economics of expanding airports to accommodate the new A380 Airbus, Mayor in St. George's co MD arrested in sting operation for receiving package containing marijuana, Word of the day = exigency, Video cameras to monitor Fairfax County high school cafeterias, The value of a human life formula, Mystery Guest's unquestionable cure for global warming, Mystery Guest's unquestionable plug for his show, The truth about the air in China, The truth about sea ice, The truth about climate change and how to cash in on it, and Fall of Envy takes us outta here. Buy their new CD You will love it!

August 14th 2008 Part 1
(60 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Mystery guest slated for second half of the show!!, Benedict Bart explains his Jimmy Doane / Hangar Dogs current position, Dear Abby letter, Shout out to Tom from the site – Very cool site for real men! – Red Lionfish have invaded from the Caymans to the Bahamas, Flamboyant cuttlefish turns out to be deadly, MIT students get blocked from showing Boston subway hack at conference, Woman sues for right to massage horses - Licensing is the bane of progress - Wichita County man gets life sentence for 10th DWI, Gainesville is getting red light cameras and guess who gets a piece of the ticket action? – God help us all – Jeremy Clarkson’s YouTube videos – Must see – and philosophy, When throwing food away makes economic sense,  Alert listener Gunner alerts us about the extreme lock down escalating in Helena-West Helena Arkansas, Obama - Castro – Hitler similarities / comparison, Barrister Tommy’s prediction regarding the socialist future direction our nation seems to be headed. Check out Fall of Envy – ROCKIN’ upcoming Florida band! To buy their CD Click Here

July 18th 2008 Part 2
(37 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: E.J. writes in, Iran summed up, Jimmy gets his Man Card revoked, Jimmy’s niece gets arrested at Lake Havasu – Worlds easiest place to get arrested, Curtis’s insane home owner’s association, Oldest recorded music by computerFerranti Mark 1, DHS proposes immobilizing bracelets for airline passengers, D.C. residents not rushing to register their guns, Catfish farms going out of business, Martha Stewart banned from Britain, The Amazing Johnathan – Must see,  Email us if you might be interest in a T-Shirt – We’re thinking of doing a new run.

July 18th 2008 Part 1
(56 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Hangar Dog K-Man makes a new intro for Jimmy!!!, Bart the traitor, Al Gore still on the doom warpath in spite of waning global warming support, Problems with wind farms, Jimmy explains speculation, Jessie Jackson’s vocabulary faux pas, Tony Snow’s media coverage, Brinks truck vs. S.W.A.T. truck, FDA interferes with Counselor Curtis’s sandwich, Jack Rhodes calls in, Whoopi and the “N-Word” on The View, New U.S. coin designs – some originally proposed by Jack Rhodes, Jimmy short clips posted on the web, Gainesville’s trans-gender bathroom issue heats back up, Alachua county budget cuts... NOT!, Pot discovered growing on Girl Scout camp, New surveillance bill passes, Interesting Tour de France facts.

July 9th 2008 Part 2
(54 min)

Super Special Show !!
Hangar Dogs Hosts Hosts Gene, Stitch and K-Man continue their disucssion with Jimmy about: SCOTUS, Approval Ratings, Making a Penny…and the Penny Gun, Political Correctness, JonBenet Ramsey, You are what you drink, Where is Pinky?, Mouse Hunting, Hindus in the News, Shout Outs!

July 9th 2008 Part 1
(55 min)

Super Special Show !!
Jimmy dropped by in another surprise visit to our friends “The Hangar Dogs” out in Colorado on his way back from the Grandma trip. Hosts Gene, Stitch and K-Man have a “Top Notch” time with Jimmy discussing: Stimulus Checks are here! (Almost) Jimmy’s “Gramma” Tour, Zune iPod thing, Gene’s Salmon Rant (with small digression to Evil Knievel), Tourism Money, Central Voting (Least of Two Evils), Hugo has Problems, Zimbabwe (quick digression), Zune & iPod Revisited

June 17th 2008 Part 2
(42 min)

Jimmy and guests Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy is going on another car trip with his mother in law for the opening of the new Justice Sutherland wing of the Utah State University – Question: Is he going to make it? – New Gitmo ruling, More random stops in Gainesville, Babysitting mishap, R-Kelly’s verdict is in, Massachusetts health care fiasco quickly coming to a head, Demise of the gold standard,Tim Russert media coverage, Cop funerals have become parade events, Gainesville fire fighter’s pension fiasco, - Lite Notes – Boyfriend films girlfriend doing Wii fitness, Horse un-vasectomy, New alien detecting telescope, Jimmy still eBaying at the end of the show.

June 17th 2008 Part 1
(55 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: K-Man and the Iowa floods, Economic impact due to ruined corn crops, Road rage and bumper stickers, Don’t ever talk to the police video, Do not carry large sums of cash in Florida anymore, Border patrol steals part of Jimmy’s paintball gun idea, Chinese company steals and sells internet art and literature, Obamarama update, Obama’s economic “math” and social security, Polar bears get endangered status, Polar bear get’s shot in Iceland, NYC bans trans-fats, NYC trans-fat help website, Healthy vending machines not profitable, New NYC condom wrapper – “Get Some”, Captain Kirk for President video, Drilling for oil off Florida, Dianne Feinstein, Ted Stevens, Dick Durbin and others, want to limit speculation on commodity trading, Tiger Woods wins U.S. Open by a stroke after an 18 hole playoff but then is out for the rest of the season.

May 24th 2008 Part 2
(57 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis, PSL and Engineer Erik discuss: Delegate Counselor Curtis at the Libertarian convention in Denver gives an informative, interesting, inside look at what’s happening with the Libertarian party today, Marijuana reform, Texas polygamist court reversal, Bush signs genetics anti-discrimination law, The reality of insurance company policy, Insane Alachua County Commission support for a half-cent sales-tax which would go toward buying up land for, as of yet, unknown reasons, Alachua County Commissioner Rodney Long questions the validity of the survey questions (with good reason in our opinion), Let’s elect Lloyd Bailey now! - Lite Notes - N.J. Atlantic City bans smoking in casinos, Engineer Erik’s Atlantic City experience, How to find Osama Bin Laden, European court agrees to hear chimp’s plea for human rights, How to talk to inanimate objects, Parents post baby on eBay for one Euro – Joke, Please write to our blog!!

May 24th 2008 Part 1
(42 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes and Engineer Erik discuss: Fan mail,, Phoenix Mars Lander, Garage sales' impact on Jimmy’s house, Hitllary’s latest comment faux pas, Jack Rhode’s - Barack Hussein Obama link he was talking about, Ted Kennedy’s brain tumor, The gas “crisis”, PSL makes an entrance, The Clinton’s event horizon of death, New War Games movie: The Dead Code, Next evolution of the human race according to Jimmy and the gang, 60 millionth Honda Super Cub sold, Handgun or Gas-card with car purchase, World’s smallest revolver banned in U.S., Lost parrot tells vet his address, Canton Ohio council proposes jail time for tall grass.

May 9th 2008 Part 2
(30 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Farmer fined $4,000 for dealing in raw milk, New non-lethal Fugu, Land-O-Lakes Florida teacher gets fired over a magic trick, Jack Rhode’s Email, Definition of anathema, Hulk Hogan’s son gets sentenced, Fed’s are scraping the $20 Mil border fence, Border patrol now arresting illegal immigrants as they leave the U.S., EJ’s big night, RUSH show review and pictures, The quest to outlaw the pig (animal), FBI’s mission to expand citizen surveillance, Ireland also engaging in massive citizen surveillance, Man moons speed camera, Global warming “experts” now saying…..

May 9th 2008 Part 1
(50 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Call from Bart, Keywords, Jimmy’s Democratic prediction, Superdelegates explained, Lloyd Bailey’s campaign for county commission, The John Birch Society, Emergency vehicle sting operation – Must listen

April 3rd 2008 Part 2
(32 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Flying Spaghetti Monster statue at Tennessee courthouse, Play this show backwards to hear the Jack Rhodes Show, Sign Lloyd Bailey’s petition – He’s running for county commission, All San Bernardino police to be issued tasers, The Bush administration plans to bypass more than 30 laws and regulations in an effort to finish building 670 miles of fence along the southwest U.S. border by the end of this year – BTW fences work both ways – Does claiming to be molested by Bigfoot work as a defense in court? Will a McCain – Rice ticket be a winner? Copyright for Superman gets reverted to original creators, Save the 866-95-Jimmy line, Read Charlie Rece’s story about Tibet, Man-make molecules reverse liver cirrhosis in rats. Listener submitted Jack Rhodes Show sticker on pickup.

April 3rd 2008 Part 1
(40 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Will the new Large Hadron Supercollider destroy Earth? New Japanese “urinal” game? Swiss cat coats for sale, TSA makes woman remove nipple ring, Budget cuts for the public defender’s office means what?, Pawn shop Rich update, Hillary’s new job creation campaign.

March 14th 2008 Part 3
(31 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Guess what’s driving up the cost of popcorn?, Obama takes some heat, Religion scams, Please see Marjo and Leap of Faith,  Check out Richard Bandler the best hypnotist for personal enhancement on any level, Joel Olstein for entertainment, Jimmy “looses” Fortran compiler on eBay during the show – Hilarious - Lite notes – Listener Kevin sent us his new cartoon - The Bearded Banana - a superhero who is like the government doing more harm than good (note: site not finished yet, look for blue arrows to see cartoons), Python stalks and eats family dog, Big snakes moving north in Florida, Saturn's moon Enceladus is spurting a huge geyser of gas and ice from its south pole, Dude paints his car exactly like a police car in Las Vegas, Hangar Dogs on the ball with new shows, Please send us your favorite 5 to 7 minute clips for a Chicago radio station that will air them Peace Out !

March 14th 2008 Part 2
(50 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: How to catch wild hogs, Woman faces $1,000 fine for dying her poodle pink, Gainesville leash law revisited, Bubble artist Fan Yang wants to put an elephant inside a soap bubble in Santa Ana, 200 dogs found in trailer, Muslim prisoners are given ham sandwiches during Ramadan, Vatican expands sins list,  Check out E.J. with Ron Paul and the chocolate head he made, Applications for concealed weapons permits in Colorado has skyrocketed, Concept Folding Glock Machine Gun from Magpul Industries, Phoenix Arizona pushes to allow guns at schools, 80 year old Florida woman arrested for not signing her traffic ticket, Elderly lady arrested for not mowing grass, Time to sell off the Gainesville library?

March 14th 2008 Part 1
(44 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: The genius of Jeff Dunham the master ventriloquist, Gold closes over $1,000 per oz, New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer gets busted for prostitution, Robotic truancy messages for middle schools, More Spitzer, More teachers having hot sex with students, Boy punished for having T-shirt with image of gun at school, Company makes bag with embossed gun or knife, Middle school kids here now required to wear a lanyard with their I.D. on it at all times and are not allowed off the bus until the first bell rings, The U.S. now imprisons one percent of the population, Two four-year-old Bronx preschoolers were handcuffed by the school-safety officer for refusing to take a nap.

Februrary 21st 2008 Part 2
(44 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis, and Engineer Erik discuss: Shout out to the Hangar Dogs, Eye Fi, Wiki Leaks shut down, FEMA trailer trouble, Stephenville Texas UFO sighting, Britain to nationalize struggling mortgage bank, Implications of Fidel Castro’s resignation, Traffic video camera expansion for Gainesville, Middle school bans intentional farting. Fish in space.

Februrary 21st 2008 Part 1
(45 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis, and Engineer Erik discuss: Just say NO border video, Family Guy presents Blue Harvest, Satellite shot down, Lunar eclipse, Lincoln rated number one President, NY menu labels for fast food set off food fight among obesity experts, 143 Million pound beef recall, Miley Cyrus given flak for not buckling up, PBS vs NPR, Bye Bye analog TV.

Februrary 5th 2008 Part 2
(55 min)

Jimmy and very special guest Will Hammond, Engineer Erik and surprise guest Jack Rhodes discuss: Election update, Listener emails, Hot mom arrested after throwing an apple core out the window, License plate madness in United Arab Emirates, The Save Our Homes Vote Yes on Amendment One passed here in Florida, NAVY tests new rail gun, Will nails the political agenda for politicians.. i.e. – they do whatever it takes to get elected - , Why voting your conscience is the best move, Chocolate Ron Paul head going up for auction soon (but not on Feb 5th) from Krishon Chocolates on eBay – keep checking Sweetliberty08 for updates, “Green” vs “Green” Solar Shade Control Act war, Pot vending machines now in California, Fed bailout of housing problem, Gainesville passes “Trans-Gender” act, Toshiba’s new KICK-ASS “Micro Nuclear” neighborhood reactor, Futurama Lego characters

Februrary 5th 2008 Part 1
(48 min)

Jimmy and very special guest Will Hammond and Engineer Erik discuss: Shout outs, Bush's new $3,000,000,000,000 (TRILLION) budget (a U.S. first), Would repealing Bush’s tax cuts stimulate the economy?, How China is struggling with “global warming”, How Mexico is fighting its new war on drugs, Did Al Gore cause “global warming?”, Some great computer memories and comparisons, Another shameless plug for “Age of the Spiritual Machines( absolute MUST read or get the audio tapes available on ), Mississippi legislators introduce “Fat Ban” bill…. yes the actual molecule, Probably some other cool stuff but hey,... listen to the show!

January 23rd 2008 Part 3
(39 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis, and Engineer Erik discuss: Jimmy introduces the cast, Problems with the Florida “Save Our Homes” amendment, Why Jimmy loves the government, - Lite Notes – Automaker unveils “Tata” the world’s cheapest car,, Katrina victims request huge settlements, – busting politicians' lies, EJ working on his chocolate Ron Paul bust, New Mexico considers a video game tax, The top Scientologists don’t believe in Scientology, Weekend at Bernie’s in NYC in real life, Real ID update, Husband and wife discover their twins. See ya nextime!

January 23rd 2008 Part 2
(70 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis, and Engineer Erik discuss: Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend's wife for President bumper sticker, Chavez threatens Venezuelan dairy farmers, CA Hydrogen Highway teeters towards collapse, Lonnie Johnson solar engine article, NY pushes calorie disclosure for area restaurants, The Death of Common Sense, New New York public restrooms use 14 gallons of water per flush, All glass bathroom, The iTaser mp3 player, CES show meets the TV-Be-Gone  article and video, SWAT team in Colorado takes 11 year-old at gunpoint to the doctor, Counselor Curtis had to check fake guns during filming in the old Gainesville courthouse, Researchers create a beating rat heart in lab, Bible on the head of a pin, Fan mail, Vote for Dave Bibby in Williston Florida, Jimmy’s solution for the Gainesville library.

January 23rd 2008 Part 1
(42 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Happy birthday to Richard Dean Anderson, Shout out to the Hangardogs the Chicken Man, and to Paul and the rest of Sweden, The Deviant Libertarian, and Simon of New Zealand (pure genius) who builds the most incredible things including a Bender Brewing Robot !!!, Congratulations to Bernie - our U.K. Correspondent - for winning the fist official Jimmy Doane T-Shirt, Jimmy goes to Miami and hangs out with Hot Lips Liz, Jack Rhodes makes a Democratic Presidential prediction, Australia revs up artificial intelligence license plate reading cameras, California thermostat control initiative,  Microchip implants for prisoners, Pentagon experiments with “fear” chemical pheromones, Global warming update and another fix, Dishonest Political Tampering with the Science on Global Warming - Essay, Bush’s new economy play – Hey, let’s spend ourselves rich!

January 5th 2008 Part 2
(79 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Hugo Chavez’s new currency, Hugo’s “shuffling” of cabinet members, More Hugo plans and he renamed the country, Global warming update, La Habra Heights California bans citizen firefighting, New Hollywood DUI policies, When can the police take your blood forcefully?, The Counselors comparison of three cases involving prison time, New California smoking law, France outlaws smoking in bars, New Arizona employment law and it’s impact on American factories, Who blasted Bhutto?, Infidel ring tone – Must Have -, What do the Hangar Dogs actually do?, Golden Compass movie review from the Counselor, Listener Scott alerts us to a prostitution entrapment sting, Counselor Curtis’s experience with entrapment as a defense in court, 2014 Incandescent light bulb ban poses unforeseen consequences, The Writers Guild wants to geld Jay Leno, Use of unmanned aircraft soars and possible implications for you and yours, Health inspector gets to inspect private property, Insight into taser parties, Jimmy didn’t get his Christmas present, The FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, “The MAN” CAN LEGALLY turn on your cell phone microphone and listen to whatever they want ANYTIME!...And…How to prevent this....for now, How clean are your hotel glasses?, FAA institutes new bans on laptop and gadget batteries on planes, Britney Spears’s hot sister is pregnant, 10 year anniversary of the Jimmy Doane Show! Yeah!

January 5th 2008 Part 1
(42 min)

Jimmy and guests Jack Rhodes, Counselor Curtis and Engineer Erik discuss: Hillary “looses” Iowa caucus, Campaign tips for Hillary, Update on Jack’s son’s coin and new Internet habits,, International Internet filtering movements, Florida’s situation in the primaries.

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