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Hi and Welcome to Jimmy Doane's Short Libertarian Comedy Mp3's. Click on the links below to play these really funny and entertaining short comedy clips from our Libertarian Podcast. (Please give it a second to download).

These are a collection of short bits, about :30 to 5 minutes each, from some of your favorite Jimmy Doane Shows. (Download All .Zip)

FCC Passes Net Neutrality Act 1:55

Ferguson :31

Jimmy's Rocket To Mars 1:09

Magnetic Bacteria 4:48

Cops Egging 1:32

Japanese Cars 2:09

Asparagus Wars 1:06

Football Celebration 1:37

Job Protectionism 1:25

Parrot In Court :57

Goldfish 1:30

Bank Vault 1:13

Death Tip :22

Oprah Hand Bag :59

Jimmy Can't Find His Glasses :10

Jack Rhodes 8th Avenue Bicycle Heat :53

Gold Bar Machines :51

Unicycle N2O 1:14

Joint Meeting :16

Counselor Curtis's Water Usage 1:54

Price of Life 4:09

Carbon Neutral UF Game :46

Ronald McDonald 2:30

Insure the Earth 3:08

Jimmy Suicide Attempt #1 2:58

Jimmy Suicide Attempt Addendum 2:14

Jimmy on Rationing 1:47

Marijuana Growing on Girl Scout Camp Site 1:04

Filthy Rich :38

Generational Necessities 1:26

Does Jimmy eBay? :25

New FBI Guidelines for Search and Seizure :55

Clown Licensing 1:18

Constitution vs Constipation :35

John Popper Police Stop 1:13

Jimmy eBay Gold! :50

India Space Program :30

China Moon 1:01

Fighting Fire 4:03

Coffee Mug Competition 2:54

Real Sex Dolls 4:29

Gun Control at the Car Wash 1:03

Little Jimmy finds a Grenade 1:29

Ted Kennedy Support from Counselor Curtis WHAT??? :53

Lobsters on Ice 1:20

10 Year Erection Mishap 1:37

Comedy Bomb :28

PSL Actually Speaks :24

Politician Fossil & Image :56

Breast Tattoo & eBay Unusual 3:00

Lego Robots 3:30

Santa's Reindeer 2:27

License Plate Technology & California Thermostat Control 4:55

TSA Foot Fetish 1:51

Jimmy's Opinion of the NYT :11

School Suspension for Drawing Gun 1:27

Gun Control and the Law of Inertia 1:34

Class size reduction methods :34

Medical licensing, who needs it :47

First Season Promo: "Sara Lee". This is EJ pre Don Imus. 2:24

Iranian Aid in re Katrina :47

Bolivian President Morales edicts coca production :33

Universal ID :42

Season I Intro: "Warp Launch": Script by EE, Acting by EE, Production EE, heck he did the entire thing on his own. 1:54

Season II Intro: "Jimmy Doane's Monster": Concept by EE; Writing by EE, CC, EJ; Acting by EJ, EE. 1:08

Season III Intro: "006.9 James Doane": Concept by CC; Acting CC, JD, Various Bond characters; Production CC. 1:06

Season IV Intro: "Superman": Concept by K-Man from the Hangar Dogs. He produced the whole thing.

Season V Intro: "Star Wars": Concept by CC. He produced the whole thing all by himself!




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