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We do this because the cast and crew believe deeply in libertarian ideals like truth, justice, and the American Way...wait, that's Superman. Well then there are old fashioned notions like the natural rights encoded in our Constitution's 9th Amendment, and of the principles such as "that government which governs least governs best", and others. And we think that these ideas are so important that it's worth spending a little time talking about them.

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Below is the Future of the Jimmy Doane Show. It is our ultimate goal to bring you the JDS from outer space. The reason for this is simple: no government control. Complete freedom of ideas. Let 'em try to shoot this down. We have very tentative plans to launch a low orbital device which will continuously broadcast the JDS to every nation in the world. Further, we intend this satellite to be an uploadable satellite with over 100 user channels. That is, a communication relay device which YOU can program with whatever content you desire which will be impervious to regulation. The technology exists today, it's simply a matter of money and cojones, the latter of which we already have. As our donations grow, we will work toward realizing this goal for every free person on the face of the Earth. If you would like to make a Special Donation to Fund the Satellite, you can designate 100% of your donation to Fund the Satellite.

More about the JDS Satellite Project Coming Soon.

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