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Well, it really could be any type of podcast so what do you need?



Engineer Erik here...There are several schools of thought about podcast setups so I'll try and answer any of your questions. Feel free to email me at

Here is a list of the equipment currently used on the Jimmy Doane show as of 7-17-2013:

HP Pavilion 6000 running Adobe Audition 3

Mackie Onyx 1220 12 channel mixer w / Firewire interface

ART 4 channel (Headamp) headphone amplifier

Yamaha CM500 Headsets with built in mics (3)

Gentner AP800 Phone Interface

HP Laptop running Adobe Flash Live Broadcast - Broadcast Backup as well.

Misc cables, stands, mic clips, chairs and desks

And, of course WHACKY personalities !


This whole podcast recording package ran less than $4,000 and that included everything including the laptop. (Realize these were 2005 dollars)

You might get a condenser mic for $150-200 each instead of $300 for NT1000’s, however the mics are the key to a good sounding show. (We now use Yamaha CM500 Headsets)

If you are going to have callers, I strongly recommend a Genter product. Either the Gentner AP800 or the Gentner TI7200 We've tried other phone interfaces and these really work well. Try eBay.

One of the ways we saved some initial outlay was to get credit from Sam Ash and Best Buy. That way we didn't have to actually pay for the computer, the mics and the Onyx for 18 months (no interest, same as cash). The XLR and other cables should be gotten in bulk on Ebay saving about $100.

As a great producer once said: "Compressors make you sound like an album" and I strongly recommend one for each person, or actually a channel on one for each person. i.e. most compressors are stereo so one compressor could accomodate 2 talk hosts.

Compressing means putting a "Compressor" in line (in series or a serial connection) with an input (usually a mic) and limiting the volume levels. This process "evens" out the range from very soft to very loud signals so your volume is more or less constant. This will save the ear drums of your podcast listeners and they will appreciate it and come back.

We are not currently using compressors with the Sure SM58 mics. Jimmy sold one of ours and the guys aren't that bad about being too loud. I DO use a compressor in Adobe Audition to smooth out the podcast volume levels. That really makes it sound great! If you have any questions about that, email me at and I'll get back with you.

Trust me, a show that has bad volume mixing won't make it. The music shouldn't need compressing unless it is home grown or somebody's bad mix. Again, Ebay or Sam Ash would be a good choice. I'd look for something like a Behringer Composer Pro MDX 2200.

Also, the more you can isolate people, the better. Something like a Rode NT-1000 mic is SUPER sensitive and will pick up anything in the room. Great for your home recordings if you are a musician, but if you're planning on having guest hosts in the room with you, you may find that high-end condensor mics are just too sensitive. I STRONGLY suggest you get some pop screens. I have been pleading with Jimmy to get some but I'm sure he's waiting to find some at a garage sale, or make one out of some panty hoes or something to save a buck.


In other words, buy decent quality equipment and have less of it. This will make your life much easier when you go to set up the recording levels of your podcast as well as eliminate unwanted noise.

On a final note about equipment: I have heard GREAT sounding podcasts with just one host and one guest that are just using two condenser mikes, and a 4 channel mixer. Total cost: about $450 (Not including computer or software) so if you want to get started and catch the bug, maybe go this route first.

Oops, I almost forgot, pending on which condenser mikes you get, you may need a mic pre-amp. From the looks of it, Jimmy probably built the one we are using but my other bud engineer said the "Rolls" pre-amps are really great for under $100. You surly don't need a "Tube" one but get something quiet. I'm not sure if running it out of your "Peavey" is going to work well but hey...try it.


It takes about 6 or 7 hours to mix, edit, make notes, post, update website and send out an email to your fans for a one hour show. Mixing a podcast is way different than mixing your band. Biggest problem is if your mic gains are too high, there is no real isolation to speak of so it is kind of like mixing a drum kit without a gate.

Our final format for the show is:
MP3 format
Bit Rate: 40kbps

Sample Rate: 32kHz


As far as the RSS feed is concerned, basically you write an RSS feed and save it out as an XML file. Use the XML document not the RSS text doc and it will validate just fine. Here's a cool link to get you started. If you want to see our XML file, Click Here.

Our site is hosted by and that runs about $8/month. They give you plenty of space and lots of transfer but most places do these days. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. - Engineer Erik

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