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The Store is now accepting orders

T-Shirts: We now have the following t-shirts available for order:

Our First T-Shirt! Many more to follow. This famous quote from Ronald Reagan sums it up pretty well. He called them the scariest words in any language.

Default shirt: The Gun Image directly above is on the back. The logo above right (atomic mic) is small and in the pocket position on front. If you wish these positions altered, you must specify in your e-mail. Please also specify size (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL) or you will get an X-L. Please specify if you want a pocket.

All t-shirts are 100% cotton high quality t-shirts..............$15.00 US (shipping included to anywhere in the continental US)


Coffee Mugs: The JDS now has coffee mugs with the Atomic Mic logo. Black mugs, standard size and shape, logo as pictured above right. Coffee mugs, shipping included to the continental US.............$15 US.


Liberty Items:

You can also order Jimmy's favorite books and educational items through Here or


Jimmy Doane will put any of his characteristic elocutions on any T-shirt, cap, bumper sticker, button, lighter, or anything else with his name and official logo on it. We will sell anything.

To Order: Contact us through the Contact Us button on the left of your screen and spell out your request, or e-mail directly.

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